Not Your Usual Food Reviews: Botejyu

Japan is very rich in tradition because of its well-preserved culture. It has great influence to a lot of parts in the whole world (read: anime) and that includes food. The Japanese are well known for its attention to details and the over-all aesthetics of food, and they are truly evident on each and every dish they prepare. Good thing that Botejyu is here to brings us the nearest thing when compared to physically dine in a restaurant in Japan.

Hailing directly from Japan and has branched out to other parts of the world, Botejyu boasts of decades of long standing tradition of bringing Japanese food for the masses, in the best possible Japanese way. The restaurant showcases gourmet rice bowls and is proud to say that they are one of the pioneers that serve the world-famous okonomiyaki, and we’re here to try one of them from their menu. Read on to find out what’s in store from you on this promising restaurant that boasts Japanese authenticity all around.

Original Sauce Takoyaki

There are now a lot of versions of Takoyaki that is widely available all over the metro. Probably for economical reasons of affordability, some versions include different kinds of fillings. But the octopus filling will always be the best as it is the original one and will always have the superior taste over the other variants. With the Botejyu’s version, you won’t be disappointed. The Octopus meat is cooked well and is very soft, you won’t feel any chewiness at all. Something to look forward to also is the sauce that they have made uniquely.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Premium Mix Moonlight Egg Okonomiyaki

A main dish made of shredded veggies would seem to be a bit off isn’t it? But Okonomiyaki will make you change that disposition specially for this version by Botejyu. I mean, who doesn’t want a mix of beef, pork, shrimp, and even squid in just one dish, mixed together with love and tenderized with a special sauce at that? The result is a great dining experience. Don’t underestimate this enormous looking dish, as it may be made from veggies, it is truly a treat and a filling one so make sure to make room for your tummy for this bad looking but definitely delicious dish.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Grilled Pork BBQ Rice Bowl (Hokkaido Style)

Anything grilled is always good, right? Well, this pork BBQ from Botejyu emphasized that statement further with their Hokkaido Style rice bowl. The BBQ sauce is on point and the abundance of veggies will help you neutralize the flavourful taste if you need it. The tenderness of the pork is also something that you will enjoy as well. And one more thing, this is served by an enormous portion so be ready to be filled with goodness and joy with this one.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Worth the wait, worth the taste

It was truly a fun experience in dining at Botejyu. With their truly authentic Japanese dishes and their corresponding exciting flavors, it is worth noting that this is a kind of restaurant that is definitely worth visiting more often than usual. We’d definitely be and try their other offerings soon.

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