A nice taste of a local brewed coffee (UNLIMITED)

We all live in a world that we have the freedom to choose. We are in a position to be able to have what we want, and do what it takes to get it. I have discovered that I was a coffee addict around five years ago and ever since, I have been drinking at least a cup to start my day right. I am so into it I just couldn’t finish the day without drinking one even if it is already evening.

Coffee with whipped cream to feel the beam

And with all the coffee shops sprouting all over the metro and even the outskirts (one coffee shop sprouts like mushrooms and to think of the influx, it seems everybody still do want to go there), it seem so fitting for me to visit any of them at any given time for me to satisfy my daily dose of the addicting caffeine.

Cloudy coffee with mocha

And with all these temptations to try out every single coffee flavors and concoctions of this “wonder” drink, I have decided to stick with one single flavor and trying it (if possible) in every coffee shop available in the premises where the craving (or the necessity to stay in a place where there is en electrical outlet to check some e-mails) has occurred.

If you’re not believing that there’s chocolate in your coffee, they’ll give it to you and put it by yourself

What keeps me wondering is that even if the same flavor is being tried on the same brand, the taste of it between different branches is different and has never been consistent. Is it because there is really no standard of servings even if it is a franchised shop? Or it all just depend on your barista taking up the dose of the espresso or putting up a notch on the cream?


2 responses to “Coffee, tea and sympathy”

  1. Whoever created the Starbucks Frappuccino should receive a lifetime achievement award…Always makes my day better

    1. Abel Callado – An adventurer who embarks on unconventional things and lives to tell about it. An eavesdropper who collects information and makes lessons from it. A learner who doesn't stop finding ways to obtain new things. A risk taker who never hesitates trying out things that doesn't really makes sense…at first

      I agree… one up!