We’re back at it again following our first and second batch of reviews. In this batch, we will be tackling another wide range of dishes that sure to satisfy one’s taste buds. But before trying them out for yourself, here is a short guide on what you should expect on each dish featured in this round.

These are not categorized by the type of restaurant or even the price range, but rather randomized based on merely what was available at any given time. They are judged by the following numbers:

They are then scored with the following criteria:

Location: Boru

Food: Crispy Chicken Roll

Sides: None (does Wasabi count? ‘coz sometimes I eat it on its own 😀 )

Drink: None

A very nice fusion dish of a sushi


This maybe sounding too biased because of the fact that I so love Japanese food, but this one is definitely a must-try. This is not your usual sushi where the main filler is fresh fish. In this menu, the little tidbits of crispy chicken gives you that crunchy feeling along with its tempura batter wrapping up the whole roll. The cheese perfectly blends well with the Japanese mayo and pairing it up with soy sauce and wasabi will be a taste of heaven. And for an individual who would eat 8 pieces of these little monsters, he/she would definitely be filled-up with joy.

Location: The Good Tapa

Food: Beef Tapa Angus Upgrade

Sides: Buttered vegetables

Drink: None

Chewy Beef Strips because of too much tendons/muscles


Not much informed about Angus beef and how to actually gauge the quality but the beef strips on this one had too much meat muscle/tendons to the point that it gets chewy. The marinade mix of the Tapa meat tasted good though. The sunny side up egg is well cooked to the degree that I like and the sides taste good enough as well (comprises of shredded corn and tomatoes). The rice is a little bit too sticky but should be alright when it gets mixed up rice bowl style. The portion is good enough to satisfy the hunger of an average person but could be a little bit overwhelming to more petite ones.

Location: Taza Mia Coffee

Food: Fried Chicken with Rice

Sides: None

Drink: Iced Tea

The Mang Tomas sauce had this dish saved


Nothing special about this dish. The taste can be a lot better compared to other fried chicken dishes on fast food chains, and priced lower even. But considering this is a coffee shop so this is still a pass. What’s even amusing and have found it likable is that they used Mang Tomas for the gravy, which I truly love.

Three dishes can only make up for certain amounts, so we will keep on roaming around and look for dishes to check out. While these reviews will only serve as a guide, it would still be better to check them out for yourself.


Read further on our previous posts on other dishes on other restaurants / food shops. This is our first review batch that features a dish that resulted to the highest score. Stay tune for more reviews to see if we can find another one!


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