Food is of course considered a necessity but there will always be a choice what to eat and where to eat it. We like dealing with the challenge of finding good food along with a great price. And we love it further in sharing these prized finds in our series of food reviews.

In this edition, we will be featuring a Frankfurter Sandwich, a Beef Tapa Meal, and a Fast Food Chicken Meal (that most of us will surely love).

These are not categorized by the type of restaurant or even the price range, but rather randomized based on merely what was available at any given time. They are judged by the following numbers:


Each dish are scored based on the following criteria:

Now on to the dishes…

Location: It’s Burger O’ Clock

Food: Frankfurter Sandwich

Sides: None

Drink: None

With a little bit of a special taste due to the chili dip


There is absolutely nothing special about this dish compared to other sandwiches around except for maybe the chili included on the sandwich. Apart from it is just a normal frankfurter sandwich. Why does this review feels like a complain rather than a complement? Well simply because we think it is overpriced considering the simplicity of the taste and the over-all dish. For simple craving for frankfurters / Hotdogs, this will do just fine, but we’d look the other way if there will be other choices.


Location: Cafe Tribu

Food: Beef Tapa Meal

Sides: None

Drink: Coffee Jelly

Double Egg Whammy


Two fried eggs gives you a lot of power for the day, and sometimes it is not a welcome sight for some. It applied to me as I wasn’t able to check in actual what comprised of the meal that I was buying so I ended up eating them all. The Tapa in itself is well – a little bit confusing which kind of Tapa is it. It tasted so bland to distinguish if it is the sweet one or the sour / salty one. Not going back soon.


Location: KFC

Food: Zinger Meal

Sides: French Fries

Drink: Iced Tea

Will satisfy your craving at any given day and time


Disclaimer: This is a biased review. Went here for a quick grub and satisfy a craving, ended up very filled and fulfilled. The signature chicken taste is well loved and even slather it with the signature gravy for good measure. Not a fan of their french fries but this won’t change the fact that I love this joint no matter what. Will go back, again and again and again to this at any given time and opportunity.


Although this edition may look like a weak one (except for an obviously-biased review which we are not totally ashamed of admitting), it would still be best for you to try them out for yourself to check out what’s the Real Score.