Whether it is white meat, red meat, seafood or even innards, food is best served as it is supposed to be – whether hot, cold or even raw. We are here to make a quick rundown of what’s what in some of the restaurants and food shops within the metro and sometimes in the outskirts.

In this edition, we will be reviewing to Gyudons (Beef Bowls) and a staple food dish that is not usual for some.

These are not categorized by the type of restaurant or even the price range, but rather randomized based on merely what was available at any given time. They are judged by the following numbers:

Each dish are scored based on the following criteria:

Let’s get on with the dishes shall we?

Location: Genki Sushi

Food: Gyudon

Sides: None

Drink: House Iced Tea

“Genki” literally means “Good” so is this dish’s literal taste


The beef strips are tender enough and its marinade is OK as well. The size is OK and consumed in a few minutes (or got so distracted with their conveyor type serving manner) than normal. Not really sure if this is worth visiting soon by its taste though as it doesn’t have something to look out for, really.


Location: Goldilocks

Food: SP4 – Shanghai and Dinugual Meal

Sides: None

Drink: Sago and Gulaman

A classic taste that never gets old


The taste of this dish (specifically the Dinuguan) gives out the “nostalgic” feel and it is a welcome feeling no matter what. The price is truly fit for its taste but could not give it the highest score as it somewhat requires more. A must try and multiple visits is almost a requirement.


Location: Tokyo Tokyo

Food: Cheesy Beef Donburi

Sides: Onion Rings

Drink: House Red Iced Tea

Just realized that a Japanese themed fast food restaurant can still taste THIS GOOD


To tell you honestly, have been avoiding this restaurant after eating in others that offer authentic dishes. Just recently, out of necessity, had to eat here. This cheesy Beef Donburi seems to be a new offering and Lo and behold, it has surpassed all my expectations and then some. The beef strips are tender and has that somewhat “authentic” taste that I loved. The cheese may be a little bit on the lower side of the serving to the point of being almost invisible on the dish but nevertheless, it won’t make me change the way I will score on this dish. Most likely will visit again sooner than expected because of this.


As we reiterate quite a number of times on our previous editions, our food reviews are merely just a quick guide of what is what on this dish. It is highly suggested that these dishes must be tried by you in order to fully experience first hand the what in the what on these reviews.


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