Clicks and Exposures: Ride at The Brisbane City Hopper


If you are in Brisbane and wandering around with not so much budget, you can still enjoy the modern scenery of this prime tourist spot in QLD, Australia. With availing the ferry services through the Brisbane City Hopper, you can wander around without shelling any from your budget – because it is totally free.


The ferry stops are shown on the map above which covers most parts of the city in which you would be able to enjoy checking out what’s in them. The ferry stops are as follows:

  • North Quay, Brisbane City
  • South Bank 3, South Brisbane
  • Maritime Museum, South Brisbane
  • Thornton Street, Kangaroo Point
  • Eagle Street Pier, Brisbane City
  • Holman Street, Kangaroo Point
  • Dockside, Kangaroo Point
  • Sydney Street, New Farm.

8 stops of the city is a good number if the aim is to enjoy the scenery, and much better because it is free.

See our Brisbane City Hopper Experience through clicks and exposures at nighttime:

The view of the Story Bridge from the Eagle Street Pier offers a vibrant feel.

The vibrant feel continues with this look of the docks in Eagle Street Pier.

Even aboard the City Hopper brings you great views wherever you are seated.

The night scene continues to amaze our eyes with Brisbane’s towering buildings surrounding the docks.

With the Story Bridge on the background, looping back to where we began showcases the ferry docks in Dockside, which allows for a good composition.

Our wonderful journey ended with the panoramic view of the night scene of the city.


How about you? Please share your experiences riding the Brisbane City Hopper because we’re really glad to experience them firsthand.