Sleep (or rest) is a very important factor in someone’s well-being. No matter how strong you are or alert you can be, there should be time allotted for you to close your eyes and sleep.

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But there are quite a few times where sleep (or sleepiness) comes to a time when you don’t expect the most. There are also (annoying) times where you wanted to sleep, but you cannot even.


Times when you are sleepy, but you shouldn’t:

  • Almost immediately after eating (mostly at lunchtime), you tend to be sleepy. Is it something to do with the timing or how much have you eaten at the time?
  • Whenever you feel bored listening on a lecture, a speech you are not interested in, or even a Church sermon. Is it because the loss of interest?
  • Whenever you read a book (whatever genre it may be) or watching something that needs to read subtitles. Is it because of reading too much words you cannot comprehend?

On the other hand, for those times that you need to sleep but couldn’t, several factors could come in and they are:

  • There are too much things running through your mind. It is as if your mind tortures you with putting things to your mind in the middle of the night.
  • You feel so tired that your body seems to avoid cooperation on your urge to rest.
  • You took so much caffeine that you can handle for the day!

I know there is a Science to why and how are you sleepy or not sleepy on times that you need to or not need to.
But sometimes it is so annoying to have that situation and feel so damn helpless. Whatever it may be, it is just a feeling, and it will do pass whether you do something on it or not.