Random Insights: Yes, No, Not Now

Photo by Josh Sorenson on Pexels.com

We all have our own desires, wants, and of course needs that wants to be achieved / attained on our specified timelines. Let’s face it, we may have encountered or encountering them at least once in our entire lifetime. But what makes it regarded as achieved / attained? Is it by way of getting it at the time you want or just simply attaining it as it is regardless of time? Or is it by simply not having it in order to avoid something negative that will happen to you? Whatever, it may have reasons whatsoever and putting it in perspective for the betterment of you is something that you should consider.


Times it’s a Yes – you’ll achieve it 

When there’s things that you want to achieve / attain and it was given to you at your preferred timeline, it always seems the best feeling, right? Imagine you are on track to get them at your preferred timeline then all your other plans will follow soon after. This may be the most ideal response for you and will have an immediate satisfaction for your well-being.


Times it’s a No – you won’t achieve it

When there are times that you won’t achieve / attain the things you desire, that may be the most painful thing to happen to you. To add to the pain, you’ll have the tendency to exert more effort to try (again) to achieve them but it won’t really matter because things have been put in place way before then. On the other hand, once you realized that your initial desire is not achievable anymore, you would then turn to another direction and get a better one instead.  In that case, a different kind of satisfaction can be attained. It may not be the one you initially want, but it is some feeling that is definitely welcome.


Time it’s a Not Now – you’ll achieve it, but not when do you actually want

The saying ” Better late than never” is definitely applicable on this one. While you may experience pain along the way, sometimes the level of satisfaction is better than anything else because of the effort that you have exerted to finally achieve it at the actual timeline it has been given to you.

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