Our recent stay at Pico De Loro was indeed a wonderful time. With two accommodation options to avail in this resort, we opted to stay at one of the Hotel Rooms and we’re excited to check out what’s in store for us.


Inside The Hotel Room

Upon entering the room, you will be greeted with two twin sized beds that are comfortable than it looks. In front of the beds are a Smart TV and the office desk conveniently placed as well. A few more steps then, you will be greeted with a good view of the entrance by way of the terrace.

When it comes to complimentary items, Coffee and Tea sachets are given on a daily basis along with a water pitcher that you can refill on their purified water stations in the hallways. There is also a mini ref that you can keep beverages cool.

The closet has plenty of room for you to hang your clothes on and there is safety box that you can put your valuables when needed.

The bathroom is spacey which has the usual complimentary toiletries. They do have enough set of towels and their toilet has bidet too!

Check our out hotel room preview here on this video:

Fun Activities and more

Their in-house offerings are really wide range and your tummy will have fun in one of their buffet type meals.

If you will bring your kids, they would definitely have lots of fun!

Here are some picturesque things that you will find within the resort:


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