The Real Score: Not Your Usual Food Reviews


In a fast paced environment that we live in, we tend to look on things and analyze how to streamline them and make it more simple to become more efficient and involve lesser time as much as possible. Even in the case of having meals, eating at almost anywhere hunger gets into you is a necessity in order to simply satisfy that need for nourishment and continue on with the daily grind. In this series, I will tackle a wide range of food that can be availed on various parts in the metro and beyond. The reviews on each food is judged by its taste, compatibility of its taste against the price, and more importantly the portion/size compatibility to its filling properties.


Here I will be featuring a number of dishes from different restaurants and food stops wherever it may be. These are not categorized by the type of restaurant or even the price range, but rather randomized based on merely what was available at any given time. They are judged by the following:

Criteria for the points:


Let’s get on with the reviews, shall we?

Location: Landers

Food: Angus Beef Steak rice

Probably out of hunger or the satisfaction on its taste, I forgot to take a picture prior eating it.

Sides: French Fries

A little too salty set of french fries but soft enough to eat it all

Drink: With a large refillable cup and a wide range of drinks to choose from

Summary: It may have the authentic reputation thus the taste. The frying method is superb as it has the crunchy texture on the outside and the juicy taste in the middle. The gravy sauce is very tasty but the portion or the size is deceiving. When I dug into the patty, I was surprised that I did not get any of the meat but rather putting the gravy sauce all over the plate to make it look large. The fries are not thickly cut which is OK. A little bit too salty. Getting to the stage of getting to chewy texture.

Location: Cold layers Cafe

Food: Beef Tapa

The Beef Tapa dish that is fair enough specifically for its presentation

Sides: Home Made Atchara

Drink: Iced Tea

Summary: This dish may or may not please everyone depending on what particular type of Tapa one likes. Some people like their Tapa sweet, while some like it sour and salty. I personally like sour and salty Tapa but this one seems a little bit in between of both, which I liked. The tenderness is also good considering it is cut in long strips. The side dish atchara may be good or bad, but I didn’t care enough because I am not too much fond of that. The cup of rice is considerable enough in portions which will fill you up considerably. The drink is of the same usual taste of an Iced Tea (much like a Lipton type of an iced tea) – sweet enough to the point that the bitterness of the tea leaves are overpowered.

Location: Charlie’s Grind and Grill

Food: Black Angus Steak Cheese Burger

Monster Grub – Reasonably loved it!

Sides: Cheese Fries

Leaving its skin gives it a competitive edge

Drink: Did not order, only service water

Summary: The buns are soft enough to eat even after serving for quite some time. The veggies give more than enough add-on taste and you can further enhance them through adding condiments (mustard, mayo, ketchup) manually up to your preferred taste. I am not too sure if I was expecting too much, but there was distinct taste on the patty in which I might have to visit more to try once again. I cannot say it if it delicious enough for another round but I would check out for another order of the same burger to confirm if the same taste will happen again. The cooking of the patty is rare enough to have a tender feel during each bite but I guess you can ask for the counter to get it to whatever cooking type is suitable for you. As for the sides, it is thickly cut fries and it includes the skin. It gets softer probably because of the cheese poured all over. The cheese seems a little bit diluted to the point that it doesn’t have a taste at all. Ended up dipping the fries to ketchup or mustard.


We truly believe that judging the quality of food is highly dependent on the level of hunger and maybe clouded by it if it wasn’t handled properly. While the above sums up what you can expect from each dish, I highly suggest to try it for yourself and find out what’s the real score.

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