Not Your Usual Food Reviews: A Mix of All Meals Eaten During Dinnertime


Since we had fun doing the first batch of food reviews last time around, we will keep on doing this until we can no longer can. In this batch we will be doing yet another 3 dishes that can be found all over the metro and beyond. You can also find unsolicited food review on these specific dishes so read on further to find out if it really fits your fancy to make you want to try them for yourself.

These are not categorized by the type of restaurant or even the price range, but rather randomized based on merely what was available at any given time. They are judged by the following numbers:

Criteria for the points:

Location: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Food: Salmon Scramble

Sides: Vegetable Salad

Drink: Matcha Green Tea over ice

Bet that you would want to try this by just looking at this picture


The Salmon is overpowering any other within the dish which is for me is good since it is a dish made from Salmon. I like the fact that you can play around with the spices as it was made intentionally bland tasting specifically the eggs. You are given small packets of pepper and salt where you can just add quantities as you may want them to be. One thing that gets me a little off is the warmth of the bread – it should be warm enough to let butter melt when spread into the surface. The veggie salad is good however is the Matcha Green Tea over ice is of course, refreshing, as any other CBTL drink should be.

Location: Bake My Day

Food: Pasta Pomodoro

Sides: None

Drink: None

The sourness of the pasta sauce may not be for everyone


In this bake shop / coffee shop, think it would be best for them to stick with selling their coffee and their pastries rather than their pastas. In every Pasta Pomodoro, of course you would need to expect the tomato taste dominant within the dish. Actually for me, I don’t mind it at all but I do feel that the level of sourness into this dish may not be well recieved by others. If it is in any consolation, the buttered bread is good enough that one piece is too small of a portion.

Location: Chop Stop

Food: Jack Daniel’s Pork Chop

Sides: Buttered vegetables

Drink: Brewed Iced Tea

The sweet and sour sauce can still be enticing to try though


I was actually looking for the alcoholic taste but ended up tasting sweet and sour feeling. The breading of the meat is well fried though even if it looks chewy, it actually isn’t. The cup of rice is generously served but a little bit dry. The buttered veggies maybe the best from anything within the dish I believe. And the so-called brewed iced tea is not something you would want to try.

While these reviews could probably give a fair amount of information, it would still be best to try it out for yourself. So, get out and have fun eating!

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