We’re in this again in finding out which dish would satisfy one’s hunger, easy on the pocket and of course a tasty treat. In this batch, we are reviewing a steak, a Korean fried chicken, and a traditional beef noodle. Read on to find out which of these dishes will interest you in trying out soon.

These are not categorized by the type of restaurant or even the price range, but rather randomized based on merely what was available at any given time. They are judged by the following numbers:

Each dish are scored based on the following criteria:


Location: Fiery Style

Food: 5 oz. Rump Steak

Sides: Onion Rings

Drink: None

A surprisingly delicious Rump Steak


To tell you frankly, I wasn’t expecting too much since this is just a Rump steak, a so-so type of steak that goes within the cheaper side of the type of steaks. But this dish definitely surprised me. The tenderness and softness is very manageable and considering I asked for medium-well cook, chewing it is like eating mashed potato. The mix of its gravy and the marinade of the meat is definitely spot on for me. Oh, did I say anything about the onion rings? I don’t think I need to but nevertheless, it is good enough to order more of it as an additional side. The cup of rice seemed to be a little in terms of portions but it won’t make me change the way I want to score this dish.


Location: Bon Chon

Food: 1 piece Soy Garlic Chicken

Sides: ChapChae

Drink: Iced Tea

Sweet and OK kind of Fried Chicken Taste


Disclaimer: Not a fan of Bon Chon. As expected, the chicken breading gives you a sweet taste thereby the need of the soy garlic sauce if you want to neutralize the taste. The Chapchae has a distinct taste as well and it is best eaten while it is still hot. Also as expected on fast food restaurants, the rice tends to be too sticky. You can be (feel) full with this dish.


Location: Siknoy

Food: Beef Brisket Noodles

Sides: None

Drink: Iced Tea

Has the lovable traditional Beefy taste


The taste is reminiscent of old school Mami back in the day, which I love. The beef broth is overpowering on the soup thereby giving a good kick of refreshing feeling from a hangover or simply getting a bit warmer on a rainy day. The noodles are soft but still firm enough without being chewy and beef chunks are soft enough to look and dig into the bowl for more.


We almost had all the dishes scored with perfect ones but still came short. But nevertheless, it is still a fun review and we will keep doing more soon.

Stay tuned for our next adventure!