The Real Score: Not Your Usual Food Reviews – Xiao Long Bao escapade


Eating out may be the reason of no food (no time to cook) at home, got hungry along the way, or just simply want to try out something. Whatever the reason it may be, restaurants and food shops are there to keep you out of hunger and we’re here to try them out and check whether they give what you need in terms of its price, size and of course its taste.

In this edition, we are going to check out a roast chicken, a chicken, pizza and pasta, and the Xiao Long Bao (also known as steamed bun). Let’s find out if they are worth trying, a second or multiple visits, or just charge it to experience.

These are not categorized by the type of restaurant or even the price range, but rather randomized based on merely what was available at any given time. They are judged by the following numbers:


Each dish are scored based on the following criteria:


Now that we know how they are scored, let’s get on with the dishes shall we?

Location: Landers

Food: Roast Chicken with Rice

Sides: None

Drink: Refillable Soda Cup

Making a rice meal out of it just doesn’t seem as usual


Following up with the Angus burger steak that I have tried previously, I am not too sure on what to mention in here. As a whole roast chicken bought separately, it seems tastier compared to this. Quite possibly I ordered it on the wee hours of the store (almost closing time on a weekday, with no sale event) and I believe this was the second to the last piece, but still, it should not be an excuse to provide a better version of the meal. The taste was so bland and dry and the only thing that saved it is probably the refillable big soda cup. But of course, I finished all of it because I was too hungry at that time. 🙂


Location: Yellow Cab Pizza

Food: My Mix

Sides: None

Drink: Sola Iced Tea

Same old taste and with the same filling


The dish consisted of a slice of Pizza, boneless chicken bites and a pasta – who wouldn’t be happy with that? It is quite filling for a lunch dish at dinnertime, but it is the usual Yellow Cab Pizza taste that taste almost the same – for all the dishes. If you’re in for a quick grub or on a pizza craving, by all means buy this – and that’s just about it.


Location: Modern Shanghai

Food: Signature Xiao Long Bao

Sides: None

Drink: None

Soup Dumplings that will literally blow you


The first Xiao Long Bao I tasted was from a restaurant that highly specialize with it (and most probably invented it), so the bar I want to set is as high with that. Compared to Din Tai Fung’s version, Modern Shanghai’s taste of the soup inside seems a bit more gingerly, and to have a ginger soy sauce to dip into seems a bit redundant. I would have given this the highest score if it weren’t for that unwelcome taste. But still, I enjoyed it very well to the point that I ordered a second set of 6 pcs. 🙂


Food tasting and opinion is an objective observation. Some people rate the way differently from the others. These dishes may fare enough to some, but it would still be strongly suggested to try them out yourself.

Here’s to food adventures! Enjoy!


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