The Real Score: Not Your Usual Food Reviews – Clean plates


For some people, eating is a requirement, but for some it is a blissful thing to do. But whatever it is, we love eating no matter what and we will keep on looking for great food to enjoy and savor.

So, here we are again for another version of not your usual food reviews. And coming from our Xiao Long Bao escapade, let’s see if in this batch of a Burger, Chicken BBQ, and a Pancit / Lumpiang Shanghai meal will get to our levels of satisfaction.

These are not categorized by the type of restaurant or even the price range, but rather randomized based on merely what was available at any given time. They are judged by the following numbers:

Each dish are scored based on the following criteria:

So, now we know how they will be scored, let’s get on with the dishes.


Location: 8cuts

Food: Daily Steal 1

Sides: Slim Cut Fries

Drink: Iced Tea

So good and mouth watering, didn’t bother to take a picture before eating


A burger is a burger and its automatic meaning is being eaten. In this instance, I ordered the juicier patty rather than the grass fed one and it did not disappoint me. The juiciness of the patty fully complemented the vegetables surrounding it and the bun is soft but firm enough to hold all the other stuff on the burger. Found it a little but uncomfortable in the slim-cut fries as I felt confused on eating it because I cannot actually determine what I am eating is french fries or a Pik-Nik™, but it is still good though. To top it all up, the iced tea has the bitterness that I am always looking for in iced teas, not the one that is too sweet. Not too easy on the wallet though but still worth multiple visits.


Location: Kuya J

Food: Canton and Shanghai Value meal

Sides: None

Drink: Iced Tea

Filipino comfort food that is worth multiple visits


Nothing special about this dish – canton tasted normal and the shanghai rolls were on its usual crunchy self. But what I can say is that this is considered comfort food to most people and is worth a second or multiple visits due to its portions and economical price – IF they are available (you know what I mean).


Location: Bacolod Chk-N-BBQ House

Food: Inasal Value meal (Pecho)

Sides: Atchara

Drink: Lemonade


Nothing special about the lemonade as it tastes very normal but what I was surprised about is the chicken in itself. I am not too sure if I did base the taste from the more (most) popular Inasal restaurant in the metro and it actually tasted better to the point that I also ate it with the Atchara side dish, which I actually don’t normally eat. The chicken also probably was well complemented with the garlic rice that was mixed with chicken oil. It was too good that I ended up wanting more (wishing there is also unlimited rice in here, but garlic rice in this case). The price could be a little bit expensive if you compare with the others who also offer unlimited rice servings.


So here we are coming to a conclusion again. Food is best consumed when enjoyed and we hope that you could try one of the dishes we featured for you to know what they are really about.