The Real Score: Not Your Usual Food Reviews – Can’t Go Wrong With The Usual

We have visited quite a number food shops / restaurants on our previous editions of food reviews and it is looking like we are running out of restaurants to visit (it is not true) so in this edition, we will go to three of the more famous fast food restaurants within the metro.

In this edition, we will be featuring a sizzling rice meal, a hot noodle meal and a rice bowl.

These are not categorized by the type of restaurant or even the price range, but rather randomized based on merely what was available at any given time. They are judged by the following numbers:

Score Range

They are then judged with the following criteria:


So, let’s get on with the dishes, shall we?

Location: Pepper Lunch

Food: Curry Beef Pepper Rice

Sides: None

Drink: None

Curry Beef Pepper Rice by Pepper Lunch

So cheesy and “curry”


As expected from any Pepper Lunch dish, the sizzle is never-ending and the warmth of the dish is up until the end, which is always fun to eat. Was a little bit surprised that the curry is in powder form, though the taste could be equal to that of the original curry sauce. You can be filled with this dish and with the usual tender Beef strips, this should make you get by at any time of the day.


Verdict 2-3-2

Location: Chowking

Food: Wonton Noodles

Sides: Siopao

Drink: None

Wonton Noodle by Chowking

Just what you need on a cold night and its rush hour traffic


You will taste the usual Wonton Noodles you have around any corner in this restaurant – A salty and sultry one to be more specific. While their Wonton noodles would taste just normal, you would want to come back for the Siopao instead. It just tastes a bit different from the usual that you would want to try again and again. Overall, come back for the same dish as you please.


Verdict 2-2-3

Location: Hen Lin

Food: Sweet and Sour Pork Rice Bowl

Sides: None

Drink: None

Sweet and Sour Pork Rice Bowl by Hen Lin

Not only siomai they can serve


Nothing special that you are happy to try out again and again but it should have enough taste if you are really in for a quick fix for hunger. The pork strips are tender enough for a good eat and the sauce are actually a good mix of sweet and sour. The size is good enough for a quick fix for hunger as previously mentioned while the vegetables will keep you off the taste of too much meat.


Verdict 2-2-2

We may have been looking for other food shops that would somehow give us an alternative option for great food for a great price when we started this, but it still is acceptable for the more popular ones to be affirmed whether or not they deserve to be popular.

Like we have been telling, it is still the best to try them out for yourself.

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