The Real Score: Not Your Usual Food Reviews – of Chickens and Burgers


Food shops offer a range of choices on their menu for a reason – to give you an alternate of what they are known for. Like for Kenny Rogers, they also offer other dishes on the menu like a burger steak which we are going to feature in this edition. Or with Taza Mia, which is known as coffee shop, they also offer food dishes that would satisfy your craving.

In this edition, we are going to feature a Burger Steak Rice, a Burger and Fries meal, and a Chicken and Fish Fillet meal.

These are not categorized by the type of restaurant or even the price range, but rather randomized based on merely what was available at any given time. They are judged by the following numbers:


They are then judged with the following criteria:

On with the dishes…

Location: Kenny Rogers

Food: Burger Steak Rice

Sides: Garlic and Chives Potato / Muffin

Drink: None

So juicy and full of flavor


First of all, we are apologizing for buying a non-chicken dish on a Chicken Restaurant. In this manner, we are not apologizing specifically when we tried it in actual. This is a must try for Angus Beef lovers (and not even) out there because it is absolutely surprising to have this dish getting a good kick even for a Chicken Restaurant. Kudos to Kenny Rogers for diversifying and being good at it eventually. Everything is very well in this dish except for the slight concern on the sauce in which it gets too tasty at times. You might need to request to have it separated when served rather than slather it all throughout the burger patty. All in all, will go back to try the same dish again but somehow get a different side dish because the potato sides seemed a little too salty for the burger steak.


Location: Taza Mia Coffee

Food: Burger and Fries Savers Meal

Sides: French Fries

Drink: Iced Tea

Not bad at all


Curious to try out other meal options in this coffee shop, it actually turned out pretty well specially comparing it with the previous meal reviewed. Though it does not warrant an eventful or a special thing that you would want to expect with a very good dish, its size along with its price is well enough for you to come in for a quick grub when you need one.


Location: Classic Savory

Food: B3 meal – Quarter Chicken and Fish Fillet

Sides: Fried Banana

Drink: Four Seasons

Chicken is good as always


The portions are actually good in the sense that you will be filled by it no matter what. The chicken is good as always have been for this restaurant. The fish fillet is something of a little bit too salty specifically its sauce. So for its price, it may be hard to accept that it is up to par with its taste. However, because of the comfort food reputation of the restaurant, you cannot go wrong in any way with this.


From what we learned from this edition, we realized that there are far more better dishes to choose from the usual restaurants. It is just a matter of trying them out for yourself.