The Real Score: Not Your Usual Food Reviews – Starting Out Strong


Our 2019 food adventures comprised of a lot of fun dishes and we really enjoyed each and every one of them, in one way or the other. Onward to 2020, we will start anew and go on to our next adventures. It’s our first food review for the year 2020, let’s start strong. In this edition, we will be a featuring dishes from a Michelin-starred restaurant, a very hyped Chicken Restaurant and a renowned and well-established steak/ribs house.

These dishes are scored based on their taste and the size / portion that comes together with its price. They are scored by the following:

They will be subjected to deliberation based on the following:

So, now that you know how they will be scored, let’s move on with the dishes shall we?

Location: Yabu: House of Katsu

Food: Rosu Katsu Curry

Sides: Miso Soup / Cabbage salad / Fruits

Drink: None

Well deserved Michelin star


The Katsu is of course is as tender and crunchy as it should be – they are what they are known for and deserved a Michelin star for that. What is overwhelming and so satisfying is the curry sauce – it has that distinct sweet taste but does not overpower the usual sweetness. All in all, this is something that you would want to try once or several times, if you really are not worrying about the price.


Location: Popeye’s

Food: Chicken and Mashed Potato Meal

Sides: Mashed Potato

Drink: Iced Tea

Deserved multiple visits but not during long lines


Hailing from the origin of the more famous Chicken restaurant that most (if not all) of us truly love, this Chicken meal is truly comparable. There is nothing special on this dish and it actually tastes very similarly to the Chicken from Ministop while the gravy is somewhat similar to KFC. It is a good option considering it is also affordable so go for this without hesitation – it is just not worth to fall in on a very long line for it.


Location: Racks

Food: Chicken and Pulled Pork Meal

Sides: Marbled Potato

Drink: Fruit Juice

Great pork…


Don’t mind the chicken, there is nothing special and they could get away with it because it is not their specialty. The pulled pork seemed to look (and taste) like it came from their ribs so there is no question about its tenderness and taste. It is a filling meal specially if you choose a marbled potato side dish (which is already a filling one) and you’ll be satisfied with it no matter what.


There you have it, our first food review of 2020 is now on the books. We want to start strong and we do believe we did. But as always, don’t take our word for it – it is always important to try them out for yourself to know you will believe on us or not.