The Real Score: Not Your Usual Food Reviews – 2019 Roundup


Now that 2019 has come and gone, we’d like to take a look on how the year has been for us in finding the most delicious and the most filling dish very appropriate for its price.

Back in 2019, we have featured a total of 56 different dishes from almost the same number of restaurants / food shops available in the metro (and some overseas). And out from it, we will be highlighting the ones that are worthy for you to must try as soon as I can. On the other hand, we will also be featuring the stronger ones that is still worth trying out for yourself.

So without much further ado, here we are to roundup (in random order) the must-try and the strong ones of the year 2019:

Out of the 58, we have picked 15 dishes that you must try out and here they are:



    • WHY: The authentic reputation of the Angus Beef Burger
    • ITS EDGE: The cooking method (crunchy type) and the gravy sauce


    • WHY: The size / portion along with the price
    • ITS EDGE: The sour / salty mix warrants a revisit



    • WHY: Perfect blend of cheese and Japanese Mayo complements the crispy chicken bits
    • ITS EDGE: The authentic taste despite of not being one


    • WHY: Rump steak, but surpassing all expectations
    • ITS EDGE: Surprisingly good and tender despite of its price



    • WHY: Old school noodles style that brings out a lot
    • ITS EDGE: Nostalgic feeling of the taste


    • WHY: Juicy patty is the key
    • ITS EDGE: The soft bun and the size / portion


    • WHY: Not all famous are better
    • ITS EDGE: More authentic than the more popular ones


    • WHY: Very tender and not too much fat around
    • ITS EDGE: Tasty enough even without the provided sauce


    • WHY: The Ribs…Nuff said
    • ITS EDGE: You can use the butter sauce for your rice


    • WHY: Expect very high because it is very worthy
    • ITS EDGE: Simple salt / pepper marinade for the win


    • WHY: Surpassing expectations from an Adobo dish
    • ITS EDGE: Tender meat that may surpass a steak


  • SP4 – Shanghai and Dinuguan Meal by Goldilocks


    • WHY: Nostalgic feeling that never goes out of style
    • ITS EDGE: The taste that you would keep coming back again and again



    • WHY: “Authentic” with a quote – plainly because of the restaurant isn’t
    • ITS EDGE: The cheese and the tenderness of the beef strips is bliss



    • WHY: First time to try Porchetta and it was mindblowing
    • ITS EDGE: The great mix of the pizza and the toppings


So good! Nuffsaid


    • WHY: More Mexican than anyone else
    • ITS EDGE: Very filling feeling – you know what I mean

Now all the must-tries are finished, let’s look on the 12 of the strong dishes that we think you would be happy if you try it out as well. They are the following:


    • WHY: A distinct taste of the patty that you would want to revisit for
    • ITS EDGE: Soft buns even when cold

    • WHY: Good overpowering Salmon taste
    • ITS EDGE: You have been given separate salt and pepper to mix to your preference


    • WHY: Good marinade
    • ITS EDGE: Worthy of a second visit


    • WHY: Because it is a Xiao Long Bao
    • ITS EDGE: Because it is a Xiao Long Bao



    • WHY: A tasty treat that keeps up with the norm
    • ITS EDGE: Its name and popularity


    • WHY: Though it’s a fusion dish, everything falls at the right place
    • ITS EDGE: THE Sauce


    • WHY: Tender and great marinade on the beef strips
    • ITS EDGE: So good you did not even realize you have finished it already

    • WHY: A very nice take on a Japanese/Filipino fusion dish
    • ITS EDGE: Very cheap

    • WHY: The signature beef strips is the key to this dish
    • ITS EDGE: The sizzle and keep warm food is the nicest thing here


    • WHY: The sauce is the best thing here
    • ITS EDGE: They are a Chicken restaurant and they can even produce great tasting steaks


    • WHY: Very close to being authentic
    • ITS EDGE: They are a fusion restaurant but still brings a good dish to look into

    • WHY: The portion / size and the curiosity of what a Kitayama Beef is
    • ITS EDGE: The name and where it is located

2019 was a good year for our food adventure. Onward to 2020, we will keep on going out and take out on a food adventure to share it all with you!