The Real Score: Not Your Usual Food Reviews – Penang Special Edition


In this edition, we will be featuring dishes that hail from a known food haven – Penang island in Malaysia.

Lazada amazing deal

These are not categorized by the type of restaurant or even the price range, but rather randomized based on merely what was available at any given time. They are judged by the following numbers:

Score Range

They are then judged with the following criteria:


So, without much further ado, let’s move on to the dishes…

Location: LW Kitchen Penang Wok

Food: Buttered Chicken Rice

Sides: None

Drink: None

Buttered Chicken Rice

An acquired sweet taste that you will find refreshing


This is a fresh take on a usual dish caught in between the Malaysian flavor. This is not the usual spicy and curry-like flavor you normally taste from most of the Malaysian dishes as it has that sweet acquired taste if you are fond of it or a foreigner who is in need of tasting something different. It is affordable but the serving could be a little bit on the smaller side of portions. Nevertheless, this is a good option on a wide range of choices specifically in Penang.


Verdict 3-2-3

Location: Yong Tau Foo

Food: Yong Tau Foo (Steam Boat Style)

Sides: None

Drink: None

Yong Tau Foo

Looks can be deceiving – surprisingly good!


Locally called Lok-Lok, this steamboat style dish will give you a smorgasbord satisfaction of flavors that come from what you can personally choose. Not sure what was the names of all the items chosen, but there are number of items that were very similar with fishballs, kikiam and tofu in terms of taste. The good thing here is that they are boiled and you can choose the type of spice that you can tolerate. It is a fun way to eat street food and definitely a must try.


Verdict 3-3-3

While these dishes are not enough to represent the whole diversity of Penang has to offer, it is still a fun way to showcase them and somehow help you to try it our for yourself. After all, we’re just here to lead where you would want to go on your next food adventure.