Chasing The Sunset Literally Means Running After It


Just recently, we had a great chance of visiting one of famous beach Island in the Philippines (and in the world). Boracay is truly a sight to behold with very fine white beach, great food, and a great sunset.

With great weather, a nice stroll to chase the sunset and take a landscape photo would be an opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up. The target is to take a photo of the iconic grotto located at the Station 1 of the island. The challenge was, we were located at Station 3, a mere 3 Km away from the grotto. The greater challenge was, it was almost 5pm and the sun is setting up real fast.

Pressed for time, the scenic view while on the way to the grotto was just too good to pass up. Just like this scenic beach view when the sun was preparing for taking a rest.

This group of coconut trees caught our attention as it is seemingly look like five fingers from the composition.

As the brisk walk continues, so is the pressure of not reaching the grotto in time for the golden hour. But the scenic views keeps on piling up and had to go for a “pit stop” to take some shots.

These sailboats racing for shore are so amusing creating a great view along with a backdrop of a great collection of clouds and setting sun. And yet again, the journey continues as the destination is far away from a good  post a decent composition and the sun is almost gone.

After a few more brisk walks and a couple of sprints, we finally got to the grotto site. What a sigh of relief in reaching it on time and take a decent sunset photo from that will never be forgotten.

Taking landscape or nature photos is always a challenging task because of its unpredictability. We’re just downright lucky that everything somehow falls into right places and at the right time. Was the long walk worth it? Definitely! Just don’t mind the longer walk going back.


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