Not Your Usual Food Reviews: Two Tapas and A Burger


In Spain, Tapa means some sort of an appetizer, while for us in here, it means a well-loved dish usually made from marinaded beef meat. In this edition, we will be featuring a two dishes of Tapsilog and the other one is an unusual burger meal.

As we always do, we score each dish with the following manner:

Apart from this scoring, they are then evaluated based on the following:

So, let’s go now with the dishes and find out if one of these will be your next Tapsilogan to visit.

Location: 8 Cuts

Food: Daily Steal 4

Sides: None

Drink: Iced Tea

Who says a burger joint cannot have a “Healthy” dish on the menu


Who says burger joints do not serve healthy food (well, almost)? Just like any other dish / meal from this restaurant, it always delivers one for the jugular – a tasty and satisfying meal all around. The Chicken bites are soft but not chewy while the burger slider still tastes the same with the usual sized burgers. The salad can be eaten on its own too. Another perfect score for this restaurant! Good job!


Location: Black Scoop Cafe

Food: Beef Tapa

Sides: None

Drink: Cream Cheese Tiramisu

Beef cubes with double egg surprise ain’t so bad


Just to be fair, ordering meals on coffee / milk tea shops is actually a gamble because they are specialty shops that do not regard food as their strongest on the menu. But nevertheless, the meal that was ordered could have been better. The frying of the tapa was a little way over the set time thus enjoying it somewhat non-existent. The double egg would keep you going for the rest of the day though. Will be curious to come back and try their meals again for the second time.


Location: Tapsi Plus

Food: Super Beef Tapsilog

Sides: None

Drink: None

A perfectly cooked sunny side up and everything else good


Who says food court stalls are nothing but tummy-fillers? Well, this dish from Tapsi Plus isn’t actually one from those in the norm. You can get by and feel satisfied with this dish. Cannot put up the highest score on the taste portion as it may seem biased, but this is a must try most specifically if you want to go on for a quick grub and won’t feel much hassle on the budget.


Whether or not any of the featured dishes made you convinced to try out their burger meal deals or Tapsilog menu, we sure do hope that it made your feel guided. We will keep on checking out the best dishes within the metro and will surely be glad to tell you all about it.