The Real Score: Not Your Usual Food Reviews – Fusion is Key

While we love reviewing (read: eating) dishes with significantly large portions, we sometimes are having a hard time consuming them in one go. May it be because of body frame or age or for whatever reason, these things will be sparingly highlighted once in a while on our editions. In this edition we are going to tackle dishes from an all-day breakfast fusion restaurant, a US themed restaurant, and a Fil-Mex restuarant.

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These dishes are scored based on their taste and the size / portion that comes together with its price. They are scored by the following:

Score Range

They will be subjected to deliberation based on the following:


Location: The Morning After

Food: Breakfast Katsudon

Sides: None

Drink: None

Breakfast Katsudon by The Morning After

Good fusion dish with a twist


From a specialty restaurant of breakfast dishes, it is amusing to know that they can make breakfast dishes out of almost anything. In this case, a Japanese dish was re-done as a breakfast dish. As amusing as it is, this particular dish is indeed a breakfast dish quite possibly due to its creaminess and egg-smothered rice bowl. What is a little bit confusing is the taste of Nori that is not placing well around the dish. The meat could have been more tender but considering the size of this dish, you can feel full no matter what. Will come back here again to try out other dishes.


Verdict 2-3-2

Location: Dumbo Smoke

Food: US Wagyu Beef Belly Rice

Sides: Coleslaw and Kropek

Drink: None

US Wagyu Beef Belly Rice by Dumbo Smoke

Beef strips to die for, and that bowl of rice will leave any tummy space not filled


Another enormous dish in terms of serving, this is also standing out in terms of all the other aspects. The strips of the meat are so tender you don’t need a knife to slice in smaller portions (but still we did it for sophistication purposes) and the simple mix of salt, pepper and garlic is so amazing as the actual sauce serves its main purpose through it. And did we say the Colesaw is so perfect to serve as catalyst from the tastiness of the main dish? A must try indeed and truly worth of multiple visits.


Verdict 3-3-3

Location: Don Checho

Food: Chicksilog

Sides: None

Drink: Lemonade

Chicksilog by Don Checho

That Mexican fried rice though…


The vegetable fried rice easily complements the dish’s aim – an all-day breakfast meal. It is a fairly priced meal that will fill you up and get on with the rest of your day.


Verdict 2-3-3

Fusion cooking was probably invented to somehow re-create an existing dish and improve something. We are grateful to those who started it and is now becoming a trend and it somehow gives a new take on a foreign dish that are re-created to somehow fit a localized taste. We will keep on looking for such dishes and restaurants and will be very glad to share them to you. All you need to do is try them out for yourself for good measure.



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