Pushing further on something that is not usual may not be for everybody but when you finally decided to do it, then you are in it for a treat. Specifically for having a food adventure, trying out a new dish or a new restaurant will be a hit or miss. Whatever it may be, it is an experience worth trying.

In this edition, we are going to feature a good mix of dishes that come from a wide mix of restaurants.

As we usually do, we are going to score these dishes through the following score guides:

They are then judged based on the following criteria:

So now, let’s get it on with the dishes.

Location: Sentro 1771

Food: Macao Chorizo and Cheese Tidbits

Sides: None

Drink: None

A nice taste to it


With the unusual mix of this appetizer, it seems interesting enough to try. And true enough, indeed the mix is very good – the chorizo and the cheese filling is a great combination that brings satisfaction as an appetizer. A great dish that is very much in tune with Sentro 1771’s serving tradition.


Location: JAEU Ramen and Bistro Bar

Food: Tantanmen

Sides: 3 pc. Gyoza

Drink: None

No image can do justice against its taste


Tantanmen is actually not really from a purely Japanese origin but is actually a homage or a derivative to Chinese DanDan noodles. However it may be, JAEU’s version is very nice and easy to the taste, as mentioned on other reviews. The sesame seed taste is very evident and the soup shows it on both visually and its taste.

On this alone you have to come in here to try

You have to try the gyoza in here as well as this maybe the first Japanese themed restaurant that serves Gyoza with a very compressed ground pork fillings. And of course, the portions / size is very overwhelming as expected. Definitely a must try if you don’t mind too much about the price.



Location: Belly Good Boneless Lechon

Food: Bellychon

Sides: None

Drink: None

You’d take a lechon fix at any given day


Being very exposed to Cebuano Lechon, the bar probably was set too high for this one. While it can be considered tasty, it does not seem to be enough to make you require multiple visits. The meat in itself is tender with a little bit of chewiness and the pork skin is generally crunchy. As mentioned previously, this is not a must-visit again but still advisable to try if there’s a need of a quick fix of a hearty Lechon belly meal mainly because of its very affordable pricing.


As the saying goes “You’ll never know unless you try”. You are now aware of these dishes and all you need to do now is try them out for yourself.

Happy food adventures!


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  2. Although I absolutely love Palawan, I’m thinking of going north of Manila this year. I hear Batanes is such a lovely place as well. I can’t wait to visit that place

    1. Abel Callado – An adventurer who embarks on unconventional things and lives to tell about it. An eavesdropper who collects information and makes lessons from it. A learner who doesn't stop finding ways to obtain new things. A risk taker who never hesitates trying out things that doesn't really makes sense…at first

      You should visit all of it when the chance come to you!