The Real Deal: Not Your Usual Hotel Review – Astoria Current


Apart from the views and happenings on every vacation escapade, the accommodation will be at the top of the mind that will be most memorable to you. In this entry, we will be “raiding” a hotel room and check them if it can actually fit your fancy and if you are getting what you pay for.



Astoria Current


Sitio Mangayad, Brgy. Manoc Manoc, Station 3, Malay, Boracay Island, 5608 Aklan, Philippines

Going here for this is bliss, the accommodation is absolutely secondary


Located at the the tamer area of the island but still right at the beachfront, the hotel offers a wide range of activities that surround it. Its sophistication is definitely felt whenever you go out to the beachfront then go back to the hotel premises.


Like any other hotels and other accommodations within Boracay Island, Astoria Current can be accessed by boat when coming from the main island of Aklan (whether you are from the Airport or the dock), from the island docks, there are a number of public transportation available that you can use. The nice thing here is that they are using EV’s for their public transportation. But for this hotel’s case, they are offering free transfers (both sea and land) in going in and out of the hotel before and after your stay. This then makes a hassle free feeling when you don’t need to worry about missing your flight or your slot in going back home afterwards.

The Green and White combination is a refreshing scene


The hotel has an in-house coffee shop / bar and of course restaurants if you wish to do things but don’t want to be too away from your room. There is a gym, an in-house pool (freshwater and saltwater – yes saltwater) and the usual veranda among other things.

“Homey” Feel


The room given is spacious enough for four adults, and if not for the strict rules, you can even fit 6 to 8 maximum on this one. There is a bathtub, a bidet and all the the basic toiletries that you need.



With all the accommodation options that you can find or avail within the Boracay Island, choosing what’s best and right for you is almost as easy as 1-2-3. However, you may be able to find something different from each because not one is same against each other. In this case, Astoria Current has its identity and a unique feel when coming in specifically when coming from the beach. With its overall backdrop along with is complementary white paint base on all its property, you can be assured that you are “home” when you find it from afar.

All in all, the hotel serves and meets every expectation that you want, and alongside with it is their accommodating staff that are willing to help you out as much as they can, anytime when you need them to.