Online Product Review – Selfie Ring Light to Enlight


With the influx of online shopping nowadays, it greatly helped us slackers (or plainly feels going out to shop is a hassle and a waste of time) to keep up to date with the latest gadgets, clothes, or any other necessities and purchase them without moving an inch from your comfortable couch or even a bed. We ourselves have become fascinated by it and are now patronizing online platforms such as Lazada to get our quick fix of what we need and what we desire.

We recently purchased a 26cm selfie ring light that we intend to use it for product photography, portrait photography, and of course for selfies.

To somehow have a guideline how good our purchase be, we are following this scoring:

Each of the following criteria will then be scored as per below:

Moving further with the product, we’ll then start it accordingly.


The packaging used was the original packing manner topped with one layer of bubble wrap for better security during transit in shipment:


On the other hand, the contents of the box were also wrapped in plastic to ensure no loose parts will get lost along the way.


Testing the cool light intensities using the same camera settings, the following results are shown (lowest light settings from left side):

From the looks of it, each light setting will be useful in accordance to your preference. This means that the iterations of the light settings are far apart enough for you to use on your photography needs.

The Verdict

In summary, this selfie ring light is sure enough a useful tool for personal photography needs. In terms of its quality, the ring light along its accessories are sturdy enough to be used frequently and for a long time. Bear in mind that this is USB powered so make sure to have a power adapter or a powerbank may come in handy specifically when you’re on the go. The packaging, though safe enough, could be better specifically for the tripod since it is long and may get in trouble along the way during shipping transit. The price paid is sure enough to be worthy of the product’s function.


To check out the details of the product further, you may check out the online listing here.