Gazing into the Skies


Sometimes when you’re stuck at a hotel accommodation when you’re out to travel somewhere for whatever reason, you can’t help but stare at the window and wonder what will be the view of it at any point of the day. We recently had that so-called “boring” moment which turned out the be one that should truly be remembered by making an entry into it.

We recently had the chance to travel to Penang, Malaysia where Thaipusam celebrations is starting. It was starting off with a gloomy afternoon scene outside. We took the opportunity to stare at both nature and man-made progress and immediately took pride of what they have become infused together with ease.

This time-lapse video simply showed a hotel room review of progressive man-made structures on the foreground, Jerejak Island in the middle, and the mainland in the background.

As the day ends, the night lights have shown us the more glorious experience of the view.

The light trails of passing vehicles made it all the more amusing thereby proving that there is a lot of things to look forward to as things progresses.

On the other hand, the view can also be enjoyed even if all you can see is “static” as seen on this picture:

All in all, it really turned out to be a wonderful time staying put and not go out. Definitely, you can still find ways to be productive, amused, and happy even when you are not where you want to be.



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