Not Your Usual Food Reviews: Heritage Restaurants

Apart from our fascination in eating, we also have a fascination in checking out backstories of restaurants / food shops that we visit as much as we can. In this edition, we are going to feature dishes from restaurants with good stories of Filipino fusion dishes as well as Italian dishes.


As we normally do, we score each dish in the following ranking:

Score Range


Each dish are evaluated and each score is decided in the following criteria:


As we go through along, we must go through these dishes first.

Location: Cibo

Food: Roasted Organic Chicken

Sides: Atchara

Drink: None

Roasted Organic Chicken by Cibo

Yes, that chicken is just for ONE


One that is for sure that needs to be pointed out – the dish seems to be overpriced at first. But once you have tasted it, you might find it reasonable enough to somehow accept it, and eat as you go along because it actually is satisfying and delicious enough to feel that it is priced as such because of the fact that it was prepared thoroughly and in more detail. Is this worth trying out again? Definitely, but if there is enough budget. No wonder this restaurant has recently celebrated its 22nd year in the business.


Verdict 3-3-2


Location: Sentro 1771

Food: Sinigang na Corned Beef

Sides: None

Drink: None

Sinigang na Corned Beef by Sentro 1771

The best thing here is that you can ask them how the broth will be made – talk about customized experience!


Interestingly enough, this restaurant is regarded as one of the restaurants that you have to pick in bringing a balikbayan for a good nostalgic dine. The taste of this dish will be too subjective as they will allow you to check out the taste of the broth (in terms of its sourness) prior serving you the dish – which is very welcome as you as the customer will have the freedom to choose how it will taste. As it was then served and tasted, it felt like you have a customized dish in front of you, and all the ingredients clearly emphasized by the very tender corned beef has given a satisfying feeling that we would want you to experience as well. And did we say that they also have sizes of the dish that will fit anyone even when dining out alone? Definitely a must try.


Verdict 3-3-3

Location: Mama Lou’s

Food: Risotto Al Nero (New Dish)

Sides: None

Drink: None

Risotto Al Nero by Mama Lou's

Risotto is love


Regarded as one of the best managed businesses, you’d have to be ready for a queue and wait to be seated at any given day on any of their branches all around the metro. A new dish from this well established Italian-themed restaurant, the expectations are actually high on this one. Turns out that this seems to be either a work-in-progress or simply an acquired taste. We should accept the fact that not all can enjoy a foreign-themed dish and this is probably the case. The overpowering sweet/sour taste is not something that is too welcome. Not gonna push further on this one, so we will leave this at that.


Verdict 2-3-2

Dishes like these gives us more reasons to push on further with our food adventures. Hope that these has helped you and encouraged you to try them out for yourself.

Happy eating!