Not Your Usual Food Reviews: The Tenderness and The Creaminess

While we always tell that it is better to try the food we feature by yourself, it should be noted as a case to case basis. There may be times that one would feel hesitant to try out something because they are not totally familiar with the dish, or the store for that matter.

In this edition, we will be featuring dishes from a wider range of the world of food industry. One will be from a rib restaurant, one from a Chinese Restaurant, and the last is a Coffee shop.

Like we always do, we judge each dish with the following scoring:

Each score were based on the following criteria:

Seems exciting? Well, we are equally excited on how these dishes turned out to be, so let’s find out more:

Location: The Rib Shack

Food: Single Ribs (Original Sauce)

Sides: Buttered Vegetables

Drink: None

Not an attractive plate, but should you really worry about it?


The first branch of this restaurant was the sought-after ribs restaurant in the south, and given that it is branching out in a mall, it is more accessible which gives you no reason to try them once in a while. The single ribs dish is good enough for a very hearty and satisfying meal. Their reputation of being a ribs joint is fully glorified by providing a fall-off-the-bone serving in all aspects. The original sauce was chosen in this case, and it would be very interesting to try out the other sauces in the near future.


Location: St. Marc Cafe

Food: Carbonara

Sides: None

Drink: None

Looks can be deceiving, but the creaminess surely saves it all


Looking from the outside, it seems that it is a coffee shop with “some” food offered. But upon checking out their menu, it seems there are a lot of interesting dishes to try out. The Carbonara was actually chosen as a familiar dish and it did not disappoint. Aside from being served warm (hot), the sauce is indeed creamy. The bacon strips are just what you and I need – crispy and deep fried. All in all, this is a must try and would make a good multiple visits to try other dishes on the menu.


Location: Super Bowl of China

Food: Braised Beef Brisket Rice Bowl

Sides: None

Drink: Lemonade

Can’t go wrong with a Beef Brisket


The pricing should be enough since there is a free lemonade included (and the complimentary crackers), however, the beef cubes seemed not enough against the bowl of rice. Its tenderness made up for it, but it is an acquired taste and seems that someone may be unaccustomed to it. It’s a fair enough meal that you can try once in a while.


Very similar to the other editions and dishes that we featured, we truly believe that trying out something unusual or unfamiliar is a hit or miss. However, it will feel some sort of a regret when just didn’t make an effort to try.

Happy Food Adventures!


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