If You Have To Lose One of The Five Senses, What Would It Be?


According to visiblebody.com, the five sensory organs (eyes, ears, nose, tounge, skin) work hand in hand to transmit signals to the nervous system in order to function properly. But if you have to let go one of your five senses of the body, which one would it be?

Photo by Yan Krukov on Pexels.com

If you are to lose the sense of hearing

You would be able to finally hear silence – a privilege that cannot be attained in this fast paced environment. You won’t hear gossip, back-stabbing statements, or even discouraging remarks. What’s even better is that you will never hear any of the non – authentic and sarcastic accolades with the aim of being a suck – up.

On the other hand, you will never hear the encouraging words of your loved ones and the sweet words of their affection for you.


If you are to lose the sense of sight

You would not be able to see violence among people with different beliefs, among children, and even among family members. You will not see prejudice and racism – a sight that you really don’t want to see at any given day.

On the contrary, you won’t be able to see your loved ones, that heart wrenchig feeling of not being able to see them would be very devastating. The beauty of nature is something that you will definitely miss when you lose the sense of sight.


If you are to lose your sense of smell

You will not be able to smell something that is fishy going around at your work, your community or even at your government. A kind of which that you don’t want to experience anymore because it recurs so much you are getting sick and tired of it.

The problem in losing the sense of smell is that you will not be able to smell distinct scents of your loved ones. No matter how stinky they are, they are scents that you would surely miss. You won’t be able to smell the stink of hardwork, a lingering reminder that you truly deserve what you have right now. Lastly, you would then not have the opportunity to smell the roses, the distinct smell of the sea and even the grasslands – a real reminder of nature’s distinct wonders.


If you are to lose your sense of taste

You will not be able to taste the bitterness of defeat, the supposedly humorous act or a satirical reaction created in a bad taste.

The hardest part of losing the sense of taste is losing the opportunity to taste food. Imagine eating anything without even knowing it is bad or not? So boring isn’t it?


If you are to lose your sense of touch

You will finally not going to be able feel pain – a type of feeling that any one would not want to experience. You will also not going to be able to feel exhaustion, stress or anything that is a result of too much work.

On the other hand, you would not be able to feel the warmth of a hug from a loved one – a definite devastating feeling if that happens.


All these five senses work together, cooperating with each other to form part of the beauty of being human. But if you really are to lose one and had to choose, what would it be?

If you are to ask me, I would rather lose all than lose one. It definitely won’t be the same. And for those who have lost one or multiple senses, I admire your determination and endurance to go on. I totally commend you for that.