They say the city life is exciting and fun while the countryside life is boring. While this may be true, some things are there on both lives that seem to be kept unnoticed. Let’s check on this further.

The Exciting Life in The City

A large part of the population cramp up to the city because of one main thing – it is where the money is. Often called the business district, they are actually regarded or distinguished by the government as a city because of the amount of income they generate.

And since the large companies are situated quite near each other in the city, the rest comes along that anyone would need while they live in the city. Restaurants and bars would flock over to take on a big market. Amusement parks would also flock and even recreational establishments would also soon follow. The machinery of the economy will flourish because of the human movements all around that will make everyone so busy.


While this could be looking exciting for people living in the city, simply because all things one might need is right there and just nearby, there are some drawbacks on these as well:

  • Due to the concentration of the population in the city, traffic problems could be experienced. Public transportation would be cramped up during peak hours/rush hours and for those people who will use their own cars, they will be in for bumper to bumper traffic that may be experienced almost every single day.
  • The fast pace of the city tends to transcend towards work as well. With the level of competition within these companies, it is no wonder that they have to keep up to be competitive. This in turn will have to put pressure on employees which would somehow induce stress.

The Laid-back Life in The Countryside

In contrast to life in the city, the countryside is more on a relaxed feel. Some could even say it’s boring even. With its vast grasslands or endless seashores, some would feel time ticks slower here or even standstill. With almost nothing to pass the time, it would really seem that things won’t really go well for somehow who is accustomed to a fast-paced life.

There are absolutely no sounds other than the breeze of the sea or the grasslands, or just the chirping of the birds. What you can somehow do to past the time is just wait for it to pass – pun intended. In terms of earning money, well you can earn still, but not as much as what can one have in the city. The jobs that you could get in the countryside are completely different from what you can get in the city. Aside from fishing or farming, you could be a bartender, a surfer, or even a diver. All of which are simple professions but are definitely noteworthy ones.

On the other hand, you won’t be experiencing the following things that you are dreading in the city life:

  • Horrendous traffic plainly because there is no concentration of population
  • Stress, which is an end result of a fast-paced environment, in which the countryside isn’t

Check out this short video about the countryside life and city life:


Both the countryside and the city have their own perks and drawbacks as well, you’d just have to choose which poison you can swallow. Each country generally would like to bridge that gap in between in the hope of easing up the concentration of people in the city, it still is up to the person which one should they choose. If one grew up in the city, it is natural to long for the countryside living and one who grew up in the countryside would long for the city. But whichever would it be, it is what it is.

How about you, which life would you want to live in?