Clicks and Exposures: English Landscapes Explorations


The United Kingdom is well known for its great landscapes. Most of its iconic and famous ones are carved by the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean, while the others are majestic mountains and sacred structures in the North.


We had a chance to drive through some of these stunning landscapes (even hiked on some of them) to see how majestic they truly are when seen personally. The pictures were great, but it is highly recommended to check them out for yourself.

1. Durdle Door (Dorset, England)

This Durdle Door arch really does look like a dinosaur drinking water isn’t it?

Dorset’s one of the most iconic and most photographed landscape in the United Kingdom and even in the World, Durdle Door is one landscape that you would want to see for yourself specially when you are in Dorset and in the Jurassic Coast. Its iconic arch resembles anything from any one’s imagination and it will be numerous mainly because of its artistic arch. It really as if someone has carved it intentionally and placed it right in the coast for all the world to see.

The experience of seeing this in person is truly a sight to behold, but would really require some kind of patience and even perseverance to endure blistering cold and freezing winds at almost any time of the year. Our time of visit was around March, which is still very cold. The drive could be lingering as well with some twists and turns, but not too difficult or too distinct when compared to the usual landscapes all throughout this country.

From all these challenges – your reward is a wonderful sight and if you get lucky (and patient), a golden hour through the arch. We all want to go back someday and check it out again and take another set of pictures for our own.


2. Dunnotar Castle Cove (Stonehaven, Scotland)

Equally stunning with the castle on its back

While the Dunnotar Castle is beautiful enough to be included on a Windows® 7 wallpaper, the cove on its back is equally beautiful as well. While we are at it on taking on our own personal version of the Windows® wallpaper, the sight on the back is equally beautiful as well that we did take some pictures for our memory to be filled in with happiness.

The result was a stunning backdrop that is preserved on our memories – on our minds and on our cards. We’d go back and see this again along with the re-constructed castle ruins.


3. Glencoe (West Scotland)

Here I am, Roadworthy man

While we are in Scotland, we cannot help but stop for awhile and take some pictures of the most historic and romantic glen in the whole of Scotland. The breathtaking view of those mountainous layers on background really made us stop and take some pictures of it. It was so stunning, we even braved to take pictures right in the middle of the highway (have you seen some of the cars on the background racing through us)?

The scenery going here are equally stunning you actually do want to stop at each opportunity that you can. Going here is like you are on a racetrack, but with a great view and the only audience you have are rock boulders and the sounds of cheers are cars’ engines.


4. Portland Bill Lighthouse (Dorset, England)

The crashing waves is really a sight to behold, and a scary one at that

Still a functioning lighthouse in Dorset in England, this one in Portland Bill is truly a nice photo backdrop that we really couldn’t miss while we’re on our way to check out the Jurassic Coast. The forceful waves are really strong and we’re literally shaking while taking this picture. It was indeed a fun ride in visiting this one spot that truly showcases the strength of the combination of Celtic sea and the English Channel.


5. Glenfinnan Viaduct (Glenfinnan, Scotland)

Also famously known as the “Harry Potter Bridge“, the steam train railway is a fitting aesthetic to a stunning backdrop. Our trip back then was during summertime as it is deemed to be the best time for Scotland travel so a short hike from this vantage point is an easy one. If it did come during autumn or winter, well, that’s a different story.

This Glenfinnan viaduct train already has an iconic status even before the Harry Potter movies went out mainly because it is one of the few that still allows to operate using steam trains. It is so popular that even the then couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie chartered a train ride going here some years back. We won’t even argue with that because we bet the scenic view on the way is truly amazing on this one.


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