Not Your Usual Food Reviews: Home Quarantine Dining


While we are in some form of community quarantine, we have been deprived of one of the most satisfying and (possibly) therapeutic activity – and that is dining in at our favorite restaurants. But as we embark on this challenging journey and try to keep up with dining in on a different way – right at the comforts of our home.

In this edition, we have had the opportunity to try out one of our favorite restaurants – Cold layers Cafe. We have featured their dishes quite a few times really and their Beef Tapa meal was even ranked #1 on our 2019 Beef Tapa Meals Roundup. But with this food delivery concept that they have to do, will they still keep up with its tried and tested quality when compared to its dine-in experience?


Fast and Efficient Ordering up to Delivery

Plus points for a sustainable and color-coordinated packaging

We ordered via the food delivery service app, and the ordering manner was very seamless. The menu options seem as if you are looking at the menu in the restaurant. What’s even better is their use of sustainable packaging which we actually like as well as its color – coordination to its brand too.

The Taste and Quality

Same old taste without the hassle of going out

One of our orders is Gyudon – their own version of the dish with Japanese origins. In terms of presentation, you might have to spare them the fact that it should be packed in such a way the food would still retain some kind of presentable form. While we don’t actually expect nothing much in terms of its taste, it is surprisingly good despite not being freshly cooked. The Beef strips are well marinated to its intended taste and are not chewy too.

The crunch on the Chicken breading is unforgettable

The other dish we ordered was the Chicken Pesto. Again, we were not expecting anything from this dish as this is not fresh out of the kitchen but were actually impressed of its warmth even we did eat it about half an hour after it was delivered. The taste is dominantly pesto (of course) but the breaded Chicken easily complements the over-all experience on the taste.

The Final Note

Comparing a dine-in experience against a take-out / delivery food is like comparing a sheep and a goat. However, in this case, the difference between the two is getting smaller. Along with a glaring difference in terms of freshness of the dish in terms of preparation, almost all the aspects are the same – and that includes the taste.

To say that in these trying times we have to support local as much as we can, we’re definitely doing it again and again. And to say that we somehow have to adapt to things out of the norm during this pandemic we are experiencing, ordering food for delivery to home is a very viable (and safe) option. We’re going to do it as much as we can for the time being and we will include Cold Layers Cafe for our quick grub savings again anytime soon.