Stainless Steel Drying Rack: Unboxing and Assembly


Assembling things from scratch can sometimes be therapeutic – especially on these “trying” times. Nowadays, where there is a challenge to find things to do, buying something online and assembling it yourself would be very satisfying. Check out our recent experience on this useful Stainless Steel drying rack hanger and how did we manage to assemble it straight from unboxing.


Starting from scratch or straight from unboxing is always a challenge. Figuring it out to assemble such a robust product will be amusing, but will soon be annoying if not done properly.

Looking at how it was packed and compare it with the assembly instruction, it would feel as if you have to spend a lot of time in working on this. But as we go along, finding the tools included on the package seemed easier; but will it be really?

This tool pack is a savior! Is it???

But in all honesty, while there is an instruction manual provided and some tools are also given, assembling this one is no joke, however very straightforward. The confusion will come in especially when pieces fit together on any kind of way so fitting it in wrongly would look right but in the end you have to go back from the start again to do it right.


All in all, the usefulness of this drying rack for clothes after being assembled is as fun in terms of assembling it by yourself.

Check out the detailed assembly on this video:

If you feel the same interest that we felt on this product, you can purchase on from here.