As the health situation is still developing and there is still no definite end, a lot of business establishments have turned to the adaptation to operate further, no matter how small it will be. Especially for the food sector where dining options are very limited to almost none, they have to adapt to resort to food deliveries. One of them is Don Checho and we had a chance to experience one of their best sellers recently.


Don Checho specializes in Mexican dishes with a very Filipino twist. The authenticity from its Mexican origin comes from its Mexican chef, but its heritage and feel are very Filipino. No wonder it is establishing its footprints in the South Side, only hampered by the pandemic.

All-in platter image from Don Checho’s page

Actual All-in platter ordered – Expectation vs. Reality: Satisfied


We ordered their combo platter intending to satisfy our quick grub cravings without having to run out of diverse food options. The combo platter is a sampler of almost everything on Don Checho’s menu: Beef Burrito, Vegetable Quesadillas, Chicken Soft Tacos, and Nachos can be easily shared with others as the portions are enough for three or even four persons. Let’s break down each food on the sampler:

  • The Nachos are easily at the top of all the food on this platter. Its salsa is spot on which reminds you of hints of the feel of a mix of the one from Silantro and Taco Bell.
  • Our experience on the Vegetable Quesadillas made us mistaken it from a meat Quesadilla as we munch further and further realizing (and reminded) that its filling is made from vegetables. We’re not bothered by that at all.
  • The Beef Burrito will go for the last spot of your tummy as it will fill in whatever is left from your belly as we cruise along with all the food in the platter. The meat is great and juicy with some crunchiness on the side. The overall experience is spectacular.
  • Lastly, the Chicken Soft Tacos will bring in a different variety among all the platter with its all-white-meat filling along with its soft taco bread.

All in all, the experience was very well commendable considering the food needs to be prepared in a detailed manner as well as the variety of food that needs to be done in just one order. What’s even better is that catering or delivering within a 15 Km radius was a piece of cake for them.

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