Not Your Usual Food Reviews: New Normal Dining at Cibo


As we experience this current health issue that affected a lot of countries in the world, a lot of businesses are affected in one way or the other, including the food industry. While some of the restrictions are slowly easing up, businesses are required to adapt and follow with additional guidelines formulated by the government in order to somehow operate in a limited capacity. This includes the dining experience on restaurants who wish to operate.

In our current dining experience, Cibo is one of the restaurants that have placed additional safety measures in order to give more confidence for dining customers when availing their services. Let’s find out more about this recent so-called “new normal dining experience“.


Cibo is one of the well-established restaurants in the country that has been operating since way back in the late 90s and have put in a good number of branches under its belt. In fact, we have been able to have several dining experiences on this cozy restaurant previously and even featured their Roasted Organic Chicken one of our posts. So prior to dining in, we’re not actually worried about the dishes that we will be ordering specifically their quality, but rather worry about the experience of dining into this type of set-up that we’re not really accustomed to.

New Practices Before Dining In

Actually this new set-up or measures would be conducted right before you will be asked to sit on their tables so everyone should expect that when dining in. We were then subjected to temperature checks first and was given a health declaration form for us to fill-up.

A glaring portion is question #5

Afterwards, we are then guided to our seats where a 4-seat table only allows two persons to dine and should not face each other.

Chairs with this sticker is not allowed to use or sit on

Then we are provided the menu for us to choose which food we can order. Aside from the usual book type menu, we were then provided a more concise and comprehensive menu made from a seemingly recycled paper. After finishing our orders, our attendant then took the menu back and crumple it up and disposed it properly. I guess it is now their way to ensure avoiding the possible spread of the virus through the use of the usual menu that is actually reused and shared to other customers.

This disposable menu is neat – to prevent virus spread through avoiding sharing this menu with others

On to the Food

The Spinach Dip appetizer is one of our favorites whenever we dine at Cibo. We try out varying dishes as possible on each of our visits but this Spinach Dip is always a staple food on our list.

For those who haven’t tried this, the Spinach Dip is partnered with Crostini and they are perfect partners indeed. The dip is based on blended Spinach and cheese – the result is a blissful taste that you have to try at least once.

On this recent visit, we were not expecting different in terms of taste because we truly believe that Cibo will not compromise quality over anything else. And true enough, it did not disappoint! Same old taste and satisfaction – just a little bit different on the dining experience due to the additional safety measures.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Next up is the Five-Cheese Pizza – also one of the favorites in Cibo. The restaurant blended in  mozzarella, gorgonzola, gruyére, bel paese and parmesan on this wonderful pizza. Always presented very well as always, with or without any kind of dining restrictions.

As always, Cibo serves freshly cooked food and you would have to wait a few minutes before they can serve it. But still, the wait is worth it and this five – cheese pizza is part satisfying and part filling.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

A very welcome surprise! Cibo now has the Spinach Dip take out! Since it was so precious to us, we maximized its shelf life even if we already consumed all the Crostini provided.

According to the restaurant, its shelf life can last up to 4 days and we truly maximized it. Work very well as well with toasted bread so we had a fun time having the opportunity to take home one of our favorites in this restaurant.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Summing it up

With all the health issues going on, businesses must adapt to the additional safety measures to be applied in order to be allowed to operate. We do believe that the additional measures should not compromise the quality of the food they serve, and Cibo did actually just that and more.

And in the argument of dining in the midst of this health issue, we can say that it is safe and you as the customer will feel safe when dining in based on the safety measures they have prepared in the restaurant, and Cibo is one of them who added those measures successfully.

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