Unboxing: Kyowa Air Fryer KW 3810

We all know that deep fried food is one of the most unhealthy foods out there. But let’s face it, it is also one of the most delicious and satisfying food out there! I bet no one would argue with me on that! If you are trying to eat healthy but still want these lovely fried foods, then this Kyowa Air Fryer KW 3810 is most likely for you.


This Kyowa Air Fryer is said to fry any kind of food without the need for the use of massive amounts of cooking oil in order to achieve that deep fried look. With the use of minimal amounts of cooking oil, one can finally achieve eating healthy isn’t it? But first of all, check out this unboxing video to give you a brief overview of what will you be expecting if you plan to purchase one for yourself:



The unit itself is bulky – if you have a cramped up kitchen then this will be a challenge for you. However, since this is an item that may not be used frequently, then putting it out only when they will be used would be a good option. The fryer uses up 1600 watts of power every time you use. This means that you already have spent 1.6 KwH of electricity for one hour of use of this air fryer. Its parts may be a bit complicated to remove when you need to clean it out after use, but once you figure it out, you’ll realize that it is not so complicated (as shown on the unboxing video).



The Air Fryer is really useful for frying almost anything – you won’t experience hot oil splashes and most specially avoid consuming too much oil. If you don’t mind much about its size as well as its electricity consumption (and of course prioritize eating healthy!), then by all means buy one for yourself.

To know more about this product, please check out this link.


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