Not Your Usual Food Reviews: Dampa Express


Home of the Original Crabs in Bilao (Winnowing Basket), Dampa Express serves great food perfect for the family and in large groups. Their specialty is seafood and grilled meat dishes that are served and prepared freshly while you wait. A Dine-in option is required to truly experience its quality and great customer service, this is the reason why they have put up multiple branches all over the metro (and beyond). But due to the recent health issue, the restaurant had to adapt to changes and resort to mainly deliveries and pick ups. Will they still meet the usual expectations of its customers despite the current situation?



As we browse through their menu, we were met with a disclaimer about the advanced ordering practice to ensure our orders will be accommodated properly and timely. This seems to look like they have been busy despite the situation and orders keep on coming in for them. We then opted to do as recommended for us to be sure our orders are locked in on them. Standard ordering protocols are applied and no other special things needed, everything went well with our attempt of advanced ordering that went successful with a breeze.


The Food

1.Baked Tahong (Mussels)

Cheesy and Garlic-ky… very nice!!!

One of the challenging things for a seafood restaurant is to serve it as fresh and newly-cooked as possible. By delivering it, an added challenge was put on top of that, however, it was not the case for this Baked Tahong delivery that we ordered. It was still warm when it was given to us which means they were freshly prepared beforehand (the lighter traffic probably helped out too!)

The fusion of the cheese and garlic are perfect and this is truly an epitome of a great Baked Tahong Dampa style.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

2.Buttered Shrimp

Buttery sauce and all the things great!

The size of the shrimps are almost identical for all of them – and it does not disappoint in terms of its size. The fried garlic toppings are good and not over – fried while its sauce is buttery to the point that it sips through the shrimp meat. The removal of shells of each shrimp is worth the effort on this one indeed.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

High Quality Despite

All in all, the well-established business came up on top on this one as they delivered very well on this food delivery option. Seafood are still their specialty on this one and it is highly recommended to try them out for your simple celebrations at home.


Dampa Express Contact Information:

Facebook page (Main):

Telephone: (02) 79441036

Facebook page (Olympia branch):

Telephone: (02) 370 9402