Unboxing: Mailtank SH-29

Some of the best things in life are electric powered, much like this Electric jigsaw from Mailtank. Cutting wood using a manual saw could be a little bit hard specially when you’re cutting plywood so an Electric jigsaw could prove very useful and would actually save more time time in doing things around the house DIY.


What’s inside the box

This Electric JigSaw can cut into non-metallic materials such as wood, plexi-glass and even poly-carbonate. And to add to that versatility, this saw can cut into these things in a jiffy when compared to doing it on a manual saw. It comes with around 1 meter of electric plug so you should bring along an extension cord so you ensure that you can use this without any interruptions.

The contents on the box is the usual – it has a manual, the actual electric jig saw parts and it all seem complete. One concern though – the blade is not yet placed in order for it to be readily used. I guess for safety purposes, it has to be shipped unmounted so it was made that way.

MailTank SH-29 Actual image
Expected to be this way but…

Another concern is that there is no mention on the provided manual on how to properly install the blade onto the main unit so you’ll have to figure it out for yourself. If you want to figure it out easier, check out the unboxing video embedded below so you can use this electric saw the soonest.

Electric Jigsaw by Mailtank
When installing the blade, ensure this portion is touching the blade

All in all, this Electric Jigsaw from Mailtank is definitely useful for small projects at home and even for larger ones too. You can check out more of this product on the unboxing video embedded here. You can check out other electric jigsaws for sale online for more comparison or even look further on electric jigsaw vs circular saw if which type of saw is really right for you.


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