Not Your Usual Food Reviews: The Fatted Calf

Eating fancy food or not, there’s nothing like dining in on your favorite restaurant or even on a new one. The experience is definitely one of a kind mainly due to the ambiance of the place, the service of the crew, and of course the taste of freshly prepared food.

But a lot has happened and are now being deprived of that privilege, and now we’re all stuck at home. However, we won’t be stopped in trying out great food from The Fatted Calf.


The Fatted Calf is a farmhouse kitchen located very near the popular tourist spot, Tagaytay. They boast of using all their ingredients directly from the source which is very enticing enough but seeing their menu made us want to try them all out in one go.



Booking an order was through their Facebook page and it would require to order ahead as they only accommodate limited orders. The payment options are through an online deposit on their nominated back account and the online ordering over-all is seamless.


The Food

All of the food were delivered sous vide, which means we have to recook or reheat them prior eating. Nevertheless, it was so neat that they provided detailed instructions to reheat them in order for us to enjoy them to the fullest.

Reheating instructions by Fatted Calf
Neat reheating instructions for us to better enjoy the food

1.Half Roasted Chicken

Half Roasted Chicken by The Fatted Calf
A half chicken that can be considered whole for its size

First off, the roast chicken, the “half” roast chicken. We wanted to emphasize the half because its size was really bigger than the usual size that we experience on most restaurants. We actually did end up consuming these in multiple meals because of that. The spices pierced through and through into the meat which made all parts of the chicken tasted even all throughout. It also has a hint of bitterness of the lemon that was included when it was vacuum sealed.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

2.Osso Buco

Sous Vide packaging by The Fatted Calf
Sealed in freshness

A recipe of Italian origins, it is often served with risotto. But since we don’t have one, we tried Osso Buco together with our good old traditional rice which could be a good equivalent. The reheating instructions provided were really useful as it proved to be effective in serving the dish as fresh as possible.

Osso Buco by The Fatted Calf
Served fresh after re-heating

The meat is so tender that it almost falls off the tendons / bones without putting too much effort. The portions, again, are large and are good enough for multiple meals for small families. The taste is spot on and is very much comparable to most osso buco recipes out there. The icing on the cake? It is the gremolata that made this dish all on a complete level.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

3.Inasal Chicken Rilette

Chicken Inasal Rilette by The Fatted Calf
So great with any kind of bread

Seeing this on the menu made us really curious about this one. Chicken Inasal is usually paired with rice, but using it as rillete for bread is something that is clever. The order includes bread but that wasn’t enough so we used all the bread readily available to fully enjoy this, and that includes a normal sliced bread.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Fancy dining at home is possible

The food we ordered in Fatted Calf seems to be just the tip of what they can offer in normal circumstances. But despite all of that, it seemed that they can still provide fresh and savory dishes that we can enjoy even while at home.

For what’s it worth, we look forward to the day that we can all visit their place and dine out to fully experience of what they can really offer.

The Fatted Calf Contact Information:

Facebook page:

Mobile number: 0917 789 2352