Not Your Usual Food Reviews: Bake and Fry by Donna


The silver lining probably on the health situation we are all in right now is possibly the greater opportunities to try more diverse food options while we are all stuck at home. Take for example Bake and Fry by Donna, a purely take-out / delivery shop that sells mainly baked goodies with some fried ones.

We found them online as a result of browsing through with the aim to find a quick grub fix and of course a quality one at that. Their page seemed enticing enough so we ended up ordering. Let’s check out further what are the results of that food adventure.



We ordered through their page online and it was a breeze. They even have google form option for ordering too which is kind of neat. Their payment options are through Gcash, online bank transfer, and even COD. Over-all the ordering manner is very streamlined and simple.


The Food

1.Famous Wings

Neat packaging

Well-fried looking

For a small order such as this, packaging it in a simple manner is enough but Bake and Fry by Donna took it on another level. Neat packaging is all over on these Fried Chicken Wings and we really want to find out why it is really called Famous Wings. Is it really because of its taste or just its packaging? We were eager to find out.

Well true enough, it could really be one of their famous dishes. The crispiness of the breading is very evident and the spices went through well enough into the meat. That four pieces of wings are definitely not enough and we wanted more.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

2.Baked Potato Salad

Another Neat packaging, with dedication too!

Creamy and cheesy

Again, they became consistent with their neat packaging, with all the ribbons and stuff. What’s even nicer is they have put in some labels customized for the buyer – talk about real dedication right there! Now on to the tasting part.

As a start, the dish was delivered still warm which feels a little bit more exciting as you can feel a sense that it was prepared fresh. The baby potatoes were cut in half and were either baked or boiled properly as they were soft enough for small chews. The fried garlic are deep fried enough but not to the point that it does not taste bitter as a sign of over frying. Everything seems OK until we tasted portions that has more of the cheese and its creamy sauce – it all fell on all the right places. The blend is perfect and the slightly burnt cheese put this dish right up to the top of our favorites.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Great food comes with great packaging indeed

As we go through further in eating all of our orders, we can simply say that the food made by Bake and Fry by Donna is something that you can try over and over again. Intricate process as well as its preparation is very much evident on each of their dishes and are truly enjoyable. It really warrants another try and we really did – right the next day.


Bake and Fry by Donna Contact information:

Facebook page:

Instagram: @bakeandfrybydonna

Mobile: 0949 7107281 / 0915 8048802