Not Your Usual Food Reviews: Gringo – Chicken Ribs Friends

Food around the world is waiting to be explored in one way or the other. You can only just imagine how diversified food is and each country (or even local areas) you may travel to and realizing how interesting they are, you have nothing else on mind but to check them out and try. Take for an example Latin American food – a wide range of food flavors that is full of spice and filled with flavor. We can’t travel that far (right away) to experience one for ourselves, but it’s a good thing that Gringo: Chicken, Ribs, Friends can bring that Latin American taste right in out local areas.

Gringo, as commonly known locally is a Latin American-themed restaurant that has several branches all over the metro. It serves mainly Southern-style Roast Chicken and Baby Back Ribs along with Burritos and Nachos. Writing out some of their menu is mouth watering enough so we decided to try them out and check out some of their dishes. Here’s what we found out:

Nacho Grande

Nachos are always the safest starter choice on the menu at any restaurant you will be in. But Gringo considers it the “must-try” starter on theirs and we truly agree. The secret? It’s the meat that they are using for this crunchy wonder. The pulled pork topping on the nachos along with the cheese is something that you really have to try. One order of this would be enough for you to be full, but it really serves as an appetizer to prepare you for the main course.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Gringo Baby Back Ribs

Choosing sides for this main dish will be a dilemma but we will make you worry on that for you. These ribs is definitely a “fall-off-the-bone” experience in which you will enjoy up to the last bite. On top of this, the marinade of the ribs is something wonderful, you just have to try it for yourself.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

South-Western twist on-point

We’re truly grateful for Gringo to bring in this type of food variant and gave us a chance to try in this part of the world. It truly made us feel like we do need to try their dishes more. And we will do it definitely.

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