Not Your Usual Food Reviews: Army Navy

One of the best things the United States contributed to us is their sumptuous food, and what a great way to know that Army Navy Burger + Burrito can bring that food influence to our doorsteps. With fusion mix of American, Mexican, and even Filipino (on some dishes), you can never go wrong with Army Navy for a satisfying grub.

It’s a great thing now that we have all food delivery options so we can truly enjoy best tasting food from Army Navy. We recently ordered some of their dishes and we rate them down so that you can be guided on what to order next to satisfy your food cravings at home.

Classic Burger

There is nothing wrong with ordering the most basic burger on the menu. For one, the patty used is mostly the same one that will be used on other burgers one the menu. Second, with ordering the most basic burger, you can you fully experience the taste of the burger patty against the bun and you can definitely gauge how good (or bad) their burgers are. With the Classic Burger, you are in for a treat of the juicy patty, and a large one at that. The size of the patty is very much in proportion with the bun thus you will not experience the “no patty” portion as you munch along. Not a fan of too much vegetables and not having a big appetite for a burger, this Classic Burger is definitely for you.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Naked Chorizo Burrito

Naked Burritos are the tamer version of Burrito – same old taste but a lot cleaner in eating. With the chorizo version from Army Navy, the satisfying taste is definitely there on each bite. You can munch around the portions bit by bit, or you can mix all up to get that friendly mix of a taste. Watch out for the glazed onions within the dish, they’re definitely something that you can eat on its own!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Starving Sailor – Steak

If you want to somehow do away from the usual dishes in Army Navy, you can opt for their Starving Sailor product line. This steak version is really something that you want to try out of them. The steak’s tenderness is perfect and you can munch along with much ease. With the 6 inch (or maybe longer, as it seems) long bun, this will be a satisfying one indeed.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Satisfying Fusion

Meat lovers or not, you can always rely on Army Navy’s wide range of dishes on their menu. Portions and sizes are on the large side, and you’ll definitely want some of any of them.

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