Unboxing: Samsung Air Purifier (Model AX3300)


Cleaning the house is tedious enough. With cleaning the obvious dirt and stains, total effort is needed. But after all the house cleaning chores that will keep it spic and span, there is still one aspect within the house that you won’t be assured it is clean, and that is the air around the house.

Frying food in the kitchen would spread that smell all around the house specially when there is not much exhaust installed. Dust accumulation can also spread around the house specially when vacuuming is not frequent. Mopping or sweeping cannot remove them all specially those that are not visibly seen by the naked eye. With all the impurities that could affect the quality of air around the house, one should need something that could do that “dirty work” for them.


In this manner, air purifiers have spurned out all over that all of them aim to clean the surrounding air around the house. We’re going to check one from Samsung and see if this is something that will be useful for cleaning the air that we breath around the house.

Samsung Air Purifier unboxing was easier than usual. For one, the unit is bulky enough to use a bulky styro-foam to protect it during transit, along with a sturdy corrugated box. But once you take it out from the box, its weight is just right – not too light to feel that it won’t do anything much, or not too heavy for you to life around and change its location from time to time.


The unit is purely secured and did not show any signs of damage during transit. Now on to the set-up of this unit for use. There are some items that needs to be removed first prior use of this air purifier. Aside from the tapes on moving parts and some holes (for the sensors) on the unit, you also need to remove the cover of the air filter as shown here:

Now putting up the unit for use, replace all the filters and the covers once all the its covering is removed. Afterwards, turn on the unit to set-up the filter by holding the reset button for about 3 seconds.

After this is done, you are good to go in playing around with fan settings for your desired use.

Check out the full unboxing video here on this link

All in all, this air purifier from Samsung will surely help out in cleaning the air around your household.

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