Unboxing: Mailtank SH-01 + SH-123 (Angle Grinder + Chainsaw Adapter)


Chainsaws are not actually intended for the things the you see on horror movies or on the ones you play on video games. It should be used for its right purpose: cutting or trimming trees. I finally have the opportunity to have a chainsaw of my own to do some tree trimming activities in the backyard. And since I was too hesitant back then to buy a gasoline-driven chainsaw as I feel I was buying a tool that may only be used once (or less) a year, it was a great relief to find a hybrid chainsaw that can also act as an angle grinder. And I found one from Mailtank, and it is electricity-driven too!

You can buy the angle grinder from Mailtank (Model SH-01) as a stand-alone unit but you’ll get more value when you bundle it with others. In this manner, adding a little more on the price that will turn the angle grinder into a chainsaw is something that’s very enticing. And true enough, it is.


The package was a standard one – bubble pack covering the main box of each item. The angle grinder assembly is pretty straightforward as it does not have any unique mechanism (when compared to other angle grinders) that would confuse you. But the chainsaw is something that you would have to figure out a little more.

The provided manual doesn’t really help 100% so it would take time to figure it out properly. After all, a chainsaw is a dangerous tool that will harm you if you are not using it properly or assemble it properly. If you don’t have time for that, check out this video:


All in all, this angle grinder / chainsaw is a great tool for use on any DIY projects that you would like to do at home.

For more information on this product, you can check it out on this link.