We often visit the nearby bakeries for our daily fix of pandesal or for our merienda fix of pastries. With this fascination, it actually has sprung up a number of unique Pinoy pastries and varieties. And that includes the “kanto style” donut where it is usually smothered with sugar but still glazed and circular in shape. It may look unconventional but the taste will be much the same or even surpass the same old taste. You can find one in Lola Nena’s.

Lola Nena’s has a reputation of offering pastries that are addicting and has been the “go-to” place for a lot of people in satisfying their merienda cravings. Having been around since 2012 and has established multiple branches all around the metro, it’s no wonder as such because of the great taste on a lot of their products specifically the old-fashioned or “kanto style” donuts they offer. Their triple cheese donuts has gone viral on social media since its initial offering and has since garnered superb popularity and longevity. We are going to try this one out as a specially-delivered food right at our doorsteps.

The Triple Cheese Donut

Good-looking box with great tasting content

We ordered one box of this cheese trifecta treat and the box comprised of 8 pieces of these big and circular treats. Each donut is about is about 4 to 5 inches in diameter and one should be enough to satisfy a quick merienda craving but we’re actually expecting to consume more than one for each of us.

Old-fashioned you say? We don’t see it here!

And on to the taste, the moment we’ve been waiting for since the package delivered to us. Following one of the suggested methods of reheating, we finally tried one. The bread is absolutely soft that it could literally melt in your mouth. It is also smothered with sugar all over but it won’t have the feeling of “too sweet” that would somehow turn off some who doesn’t have a lot of tolerance for sweet food. This means that its sweetness would be friendly to everybody and can try them out as they please. For the triple cheese filling, we will leave as it as an indescribable taste and will be best experienced firsthand. What we can tell is that it is definitely worth all the hassle or effort in buying for this.


Little Secret

Shelf life is just a number we can tell you that!

Now we know that Lola Nena’s Triple Cheese Donut is one donut that you can buy to satisfy your next merienda craving, we will let you in for our little secret from our experience on this great tasting donut.

We encountered the dreaded “dyahe piece” dilemma, in which one donut was left all alone on the box stored on a room temperature. It was left and almost forgotten. One day, a “merienda craving” came up and found the box again almost 5 days after it was purchased. With the craving and hunger in mind, we dared to reheat the one last piece of triple cheese donut and ate it in less than a minute. Minutes, hours, and days have passed and there were no intestinal or digestive complications happened.

Conclusion: you can still enjoy this Triple Cheese Donut from Lola Nena’s after its shelf life has lapsed. But please, don’t try to do it!!!

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