Dining out is always a great time but having your food delivered is also a viable option specially nowadays. And with a great burger craving that we have had recently, it is a great thing that 8 Cuts Burgers have opened their doors for delivery / pick-ups. And with that we’re grateful as we are satisfying our cravings at the comforts of our home.

With a number of food delivery options nowadays, it is so convenient to order food and was the same with our experience in ordering to 8 Cuts Burgers. Ordering to them is via online and we opted to order using their Viber number.


One of the dilemmas of ordering food delivery are the recipes for disaster – a spilled drink or sauce and even damaged food is something that you don’t want to have and ruin your dining experience. Fortunately, the packing of our ordered meals are carefully and properly done. The result is a wonderful-looking ordered food that will surely liven up your senses to eat them all.

Sauce cups and drinks are secured well to prevent unwanted spills

Food are placed well on the bag and it clearly showed the thin fries are generally intact.

All in all, we really commend the staff to do the “extra mile” in making sure our ordered food are secured and won’t be “harmed” until it reaches our dining tables.

Now that we have seen how it looked like right after delivery, let’s check out how the food actually fared on our stomachs.


The Food

The CheeseBurger

This bad boy is a treat for anyone who wishes to try. With the signature 8 Cuts patty right in the middle of the bun, it didn’t disappoint in terms of what we expect them to be. The patty was well cooked and had its occasional crunch once in a while. The veggies and the sauce complements it very well overall. We didn’t expect it to be spectacular (since it is a basic burger out of their menu), but it exceeded of what we hoped it would be.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Daily Steal 4 (The Post Workout)

For those who would like to eat at 8 cuts but needs to maintain their weight (somehow), we recommend Daily Steal 4 as it comprises a salad, fries (or onion rings), a slider, and chicken thighs. Not so much carbo isn’t it? But we didn’t order this for that aim, we simply love it no matter what.

The salad sauce are on the sour side and it fully complements the others on this dish that are on the salty side. The signature thin fries never gets old in terms of its taste and its close to Pik-Nik feel is something that you would have to try. The thigh poppers have its juicy feel and its marinade seeps through the meat. And of course, the slider is a glimpse of their great burgers that you will make you want to try out by itself on your next order.

Easily going to be an all-time favorite for 8 Cuts on this one.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Daily Steal 6 “The Party Animal”

Since Daily Steal meals have similar food, we will not focus on it but rather go on to the unique ones such as the skinny spaghetti and the onion rings (on this order).

For the onion rings, considering it came from a delivery, it is still decently crunchy which is brilliant. Another “one-up” to this onion rings that has “one of the best” reputation and can rival any other out there.

The skinny spaghetti is one experience that you would have to try at least once. The noodles used are not the common ones you see from a spaghetti and it feels (tastes) like palabok, and yet it has spaghetti sauce. And you have a kid to share this food with, you better have some extra because they will surely race against you in finishing it.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Always a great experience

You can simply say that 8 Cuts Burgers delivers what you need and crave for, and you can expect a lot from the food you ordered to them.


8 Cuts Burgers Contact Information

Branch Hotlines

ATC 8801-5936

Greenbelt 8400-4453

Megamall (0919) 078 5223 (0919) 078 5224

Rockwell 7720-5980

Serendra (0919) 078 5220 (0919) 078 5204