Not Your Usual Food Reviews: Zubuchon

The Philippines is a culturally diversified nation, it even has 111 dialects that sprung out from 4 major indigenous languages all over the country. That alone could provide a proof of diversity and that would include diversity in the culinary culture. Take for example in the province of Cebu, aside from its luscious beaches and quite a number of things to see and do, its food is something that you can use as a reason to travel to, which will definitely include their version of Lechon. And you can try that one in Zubuchon, who has become world-famous due to Chef Anthony Bourdain’s recommendation as The Best Pig Ever“.

Hailing directly from Cebu, Zubuchon finally has branched out towards the Philippine Capital to bring in the Cebu version of Lechon that will surely give a great (healthy) competition against the Manila version of Lechon. But what does this restaurant do that make them stand out from the others? Let’s find out

Their table mats’ quotes are a fun read

Their food menu has a list capable of earning interest in trying them even though most of them are fused of course with Lechon. Read on to see the what you should expect from some of their dishes

Zubuchon Fast Meal (Boneless Lechon)

A somewhat mandatory drink – Kamias Shake

Apart from the Lechon, the monggo soup is something to anticipate for

If you are dining in alone or would like to have your own meal, you can opt for a fast meal. Mainly based on their famous Lechon, fast meals will provide a satisfying quick grub and its serving is enough not to ask for an additional cup of rice. The Monggo Soup gives enough carbohydrates apart from the rice and the slices of the boneless Lechon (we ordered the boneless Lechon fast meal) tops everything out of this great and satisfying meal.

Then as you munch on your meal, you may need to wash down on your taste senses due to the flavors your taste buds have been experiencing. Their signature Kamias Shake is definitely a complementary drink that will ease out the flavors from your taste buds and at the same time refresh you accordingly.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Chorizo Lumpia

Cebu Chorizo is the Longganisa version of Cebuanos. It has a distinct taste from the others as it has a sweet taste compared to other Longganisas that are predominantly salty and garlicky. The Chorizo is good enough for a quick bite, but Zubuchon turned it up a notch by making it a Lumpia filling. The 8 pieces of these dynamic appetizers are filling enough for one, but sharing it with others would definitely bring their appetites ready for the main courses / dishes.

It was fried just right and it retained its crunch all throughout each piece and the tastiness of the Chorizo filling is all over. The combination of the sweetness of the filling and a little bit of salty wrapper is purely superb.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

They say that eating Lechon would raise your High Blood pressure or even induce some heart problems. But we really do think it wouldn’t hurt to have some once in a while. Zubuchon will definitely fill-up and satisfy your Lechon cravings and even more.

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