Unboxing: Instant Water Heater by HappyDito


Having warm water for a comforting shower is still essential, even for tropical countries whose lowest temperatures can only reach at low 20s. Not only it is comforting, it also helps in someway on the whole well-being health wise. This is why water heaters for showers are still a marketable product and most households would want one for their bathrooms.

Here we are getting our hands on this economical instant water heater from Happydito and discover what in store for us. We’re also going to figure out how does it work and make some DIY installation as we purchased it online and there is not much support for this wonderful unit.


The Unboxing

The unit were secured on a standard packaging – a box wrapped with bubble packaging and each of the peripherals. Since the unit and its peripherals are actually not enough for you to properly install and operate this water heater into your shower, here are the things that you should separately buy aside from this unit:

  • Additional shower hose (you need two, one for the water source, and another for the heated water output)
  • Teflon / Plumber’s tape (to ensure no water leaks on threads and fittings)
  • Circuit Breaker (for safety during operation / use)
  • Plug and Electrical wires (for connection to Main electrical outlet)

Ensure that the above items are acquired as well so you can install and operate this water heater correctly.

Elaborating further on what’s inside, the provided instruction manual is printed in English but it doesn’t really help much in installing this properly so read on further to be guided on how to properly install this.

What’s cool about their packing manner also is there is a sleeve for the unit to prevent scratches (the interface of the unit is glossy) and it is layered again with a big bubble wrap for better security.


Initial operation

In testing the unit if it is working properly prior to fixing this (or start drilling / making holes) on your bathroom walls, you can do so by doing the following:

  • Install a circuit breaker on the wirings of the main unit
  • Check its continuity for proper electrical connection
  • Power up using the circuit breaker

You can further check out this video for you to be properly guided on how to do actual testing:

Cheap but elegant looking

Compared to other water heaters out there, this is relatively cheaper but it gets more competitive in terms of its look. It has touchscreen interface and its its digitized dials make it look more attractive than most reputable water heaters out there. All in all, this water heater is something that you can buy for your own personal use at home.

For more product information, please head on this link.