Not Your Usual Food Reviews: Mesa

There’s nothing better than a great food with a homey feeling. Homey means local or native to the country or location you have stayed or grew up in. That kind of feeling brings in a different kind of comfort that you always feel to need it at any given day.

This is what Mesa brings for each and every single serving that they offer. With the local Filipino but with a modern twist and fusion, all their dishes would give that kind of feeling in each bite.

Let’s check out what’s really in store for you when you try out one of their dishes in the menu. Is it worth exerting time and effort in lining up for a considerable amount of time to dine in (normally a long list of individuals or families are waiting in line to dine in) or even order for take out (still with a considerable amount of waiting time due to preparation time)? Let’s find out.


Binagoongan ni Kaka

There are quite a number of versions of this delicious dish that has been a favorite by Filipinos, and a somewhat delicacy for some particularly to those who haven’t tried or unfamiliar with bagoong (salty anchovies paste). With this version from Mesa, you can fully
With this version from Mesa, you can say that it has a tamer bagoong taste as the crunchiness of the pork easily overpowers them all and will definitely make you enjoy this dish. Oilyness is very much welcome on this dish and you can neutralize them with vegetables included.
All in all, this is a testament of how Mesa offers its dishes – with a bang and with satisfying meal for its price.


Rating: 5 out of 5.



Vegetable lovers out there will truly love this dish basically it is a vegetable dish! But kidding aside, the flavors are well placed and for those who love eating ampalaya (karela) without the overpowering taste of bitterness, this is definitely the one for you.
Generally, a Pinakbet dish is a complementary dish that serves as a neutralizer from the flavourful meat dishes, the Mesa version is definitely on point for that purpose!


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Chicken BBQ with Honey and Patis

It may look like an Inasal dish at first, but sometimes looks can be deceiving. But we can really compare it with an Inasal dish that normally has a salty taste, it is sweet and would definitely be something that you want to try aside from being grilled (who doesn’t want anything that is grilled?)


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Always Deliver What You Expect

Dine in or take-out, Mesa definitely delivers what you really needs – a homey kind of feeling of food and a taste that brings in everything that you wanted them to be.


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