Not Your Usual Food Reviews: Via Mare


Tradition tops everything there is in a way in terms of its importance to the people in general. It is thoroughly applicable on a lot of aspects but when it comes to food, it is the topnotch priority. This is mainly due to the fact that food is a culture or even a nation’s identity, and its unique approach to cooking (or maybe even serving) is something that you would have to preserve in one way or the other. This is mainly happening in Via Mare, where the traditional Filipino food is well-preserved in dishes but still leave out some kind of authenticity and uniqueness that make their own identity as a restaurant.

We all know how diverse and flavorful our dishes are, it will then only boil down on how Via Mare brings the correct homage to it. Read on to find out how some of their dishes we tried make up their reputation and longevity that they are enjoying for decades now.


Cripsy Pork Binagoongan

The usual pork binagoongan dishes are served in which the bagoong sauce is mixed with the pork meat itself. This Via Mare version is of a deconstructed one as the crispy pork meat and its supposed bagoong sauce is served separately. This in turn made the pork meat crunchier and crispier indeed mainly due to its deep fried state. And when you mix it up with the sauce, everything will fall into right places and you will fully enjoy what you originally ordered – a great pork binagoongan dish that we enjoyed, and you will too.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Adobong Pusit

This sumptuous dish looks simple enough to cook quite simply because it is an adobo dish, but how the squid meat is being cooked will make or break this tasty treat. With the Via Mare version, it seemed as if it was calculated and measured accurately on how long it should be cooked or what temperature it should be cooked in. Quite simply because the tenderness of the baby squid meat is on point and you won’t experience any chewiness on all of the meat served, which is a rare feat for some who serves a similar dish. Going to the sauce, its harmonic fusion of salty and sour makes up the whole experience of the dish very, very, very satisfying.


Lumpiang Gulay

This is supposed to be not included on this Via Mare Food Review as it was actually served with the Adobong Pusit meal as a side dish. But with the way our experience from it was in actual, we cannot help but to make its own food review all thoughout. With all the crunchiness and the great taste of the vegetable mix as its filling, we cannot help but enjoy this great side dish / appetizer further. It also really worked well with the adobong pusit, but we can also say that it can also stand on its own and you will definitely still enjoy it no matter what.


The tradition is strong on this one

It is safe to say that the main reason of the longevity of Via Mare is their food, which is the main reason why people are still flocking to this restaurant at any given time. And we can only agree to it completely.


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